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Friday, October 28, 2016

Thundertrain - Teenage Suicide

Thundertrain - Teenage Suicide
In Wav - Covers are included

1 Hot For Teacher!
2 Let 'er Rip
3 Modern Girls
4 Cheater
5 Love the Way
6 Hell Tonite
7 Frustration
8 Forever and Ever
9 I Gotta Rock
10 Radio Spot
11 Cindy Is a Sleeper
12 Im So Excited
13 I Gotta Rock
14 Interview
15 I'm So Excited

Set the way-back machine for August 1974--Boston, Mass. That rumble you hear coming up from the basement of Jack's Drum Shop on Boylston Street isn't a derailing subway train. You, my friend, are hearing the birthing roar of Thundertrain! Five kids from the suburbs of Boss-town who, for the next five years, glory stomped their way up and down New England and beyond.

Thundertrain became the heroes of every biker bar, high school cafeteria, and hip downtown club in Red Sox Country, grinding out a high-energy blitzkrieg of rebel rock, strutting their stuff at that dangerous corner where glam-meets- metal-meets-rock-&-roll-meets-punk.

They were the bridge between the best of early '70's rock AND the return of straight ahead stripped down rock, with feet in both camps. From 1974 through 1979, you saw Thundertrain in 16 MAGAZINE, TIME, BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS, PLAYBOY, BOMP, VARIETY, ROCK SCENE and every DIY zine ever published.

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