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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Biters - The Future Ain't What It Used to Be

Biters - The Future Ain't What It Used to Be
In FLAC - Scans are included

Let It Roll
Stone Cold Love
Callin' You Home
Don't Turn This Good Heart Bad
Gypsy Rose
No Stranger To Heartache
Vulture City
Chasin' The Feeling
Goin' Back To Georgia

Recalling the early spirit and danger of rabble-rousing rock heroes, Biters have faithfully built upon their punk heritage and their love of 70's rock to deliver music that ignites, incites and excites in equal measure. Possessing a heart full of rock 'n' roll, the band play foot stomping, fist pumping, spit-on-the-floor anthems possessed of a fighting spirit that refuses to give in. ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ is a instant Rock N Roll classic that makes the genre exciting and relevant again.

Special thanks to JP for this glammy contribution

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Redd Kross - Hot Issue

Redd Kross - Hot Issue (vinyl rip)
In WAV - Scans are included

01.Insatiable Kind
03.Pop Show
04.Take It Home
05.That Girl
06.It's A Scream
07.Switchblade Sister
08.Puss N Boots
09.Don't Take Your Baby Downtown
10.Moon Sun (No Limit)
12.Born To Love You

Turn of the century rarities recorded by Redd Kross in Hollywood between 1981 and 2007. Hot Issue is a compilation that was self-released by the band and sold out immediately, becoming a collector item which reaches insane prices in the second hand market. Top quality recordings that focus on the band's most explosive creativity period in the '90s. Created to be a complete play experience with unreleased and rare tracks compiled from the Jeff McDonald archives. A total must for all Redd Kross fans around the world. 

This record Kicks major ass from start to finish! Get it fast!

Sunday, May 21, 2017


In Wav - Scans are included

A1-Bustin' Out Of Tights 
A2-Psychotic Girl 
A3-Big Daddy 
A5-Jack The Ripper 
A6-That's Why 
B1-(Theme From) The Unknown 
B2-The Widow 
B3-Little Girl 
B4-Next In Line 
B6-Gone Away 

Spawned by the '77 generation of New York City gutter punks -and even farther back to Michigan's MC5 and Stooges, members of The Beguiled wanted to keep the spirit of sleazy rock and roll alive upon the 1988 release of their first LP Gone Away. After a two year hiatus of each member traveling around the world separately, they returned and released a 7" on Estrus Records three years later. Tragically, after their second album Blue Dirge came out in 1994, guitarist Mike Ball was killed by a drunk driver and unfortunately ending The Beguiled prematurely.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

NIKKI CORVETTE's - Wild Record Party!

NIKKI CORVETTE's - Wild Record Party!
In wav - Scans are included

1 Ready, Steady Go
2 Rock Your Baby
3 Walking Out On Love
4 Great Big Kiss
5 Day By Day
6 Girls Talk
7 Under My Wheels
8 High School
9 Wild About You
10 Love Is Strange
11 Love Me
12 What's On My Mind

Born in Detroit, MI, as Dominique Lorenz, NIKKI CORVETTE was the lead singer of the Nikki and The Corvettes from 1977 to 1981, when the group disbanded.

Corvette returned to music in 2003, forming a new band called Nikki and the Stingrays.

After the release of the album "Back to Detroit" on Dollar Records, Corvette moved back to Detroit.

In 2009 Nikki and Amy Gore of the Gore Gore Girls formed the band Gorevette.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Don Juan Y Los Blancos - Poder Blanco!

Don Juan Y Los Blancos - Poder Blanco!
In WAV - Scans are included

1. Sweet Beat
2. That's All
3. Mean Streak
4. Chicken Walk
5. Better This Way
6. Bop On
7. That Lucky Old Sun
8. Feel so blue
9. Runnin'
10. Don't Quit Me Baby
11. Bottom Of The Bottle
12. Wild Gal
13. Tick Tock

Don Juan y Los Blancos are one of the best bands in L.A., mixing up Garage Rock 'n' Roll and Rhythm & Blues, with nothing to prove, other than you don't have to be able to pronounce you're favorite bands' name.

Don Juan, a young Mexican immigrant, who came to the States in search of a band. After years of deep thinkin' and heavy drinkin', Don Juan and his Blancos finally assembled in 2008, exploding on to the LA scene, rockin' out full force, and charming the socks off their audiences.
The band features Don Juan and Becky Blanca, two dueling lead singers shouting their lungs out at each other.

The outfit is completed by their solid band of Blancos, whose pulsating vibrations will hit you hard.
If you're looking for that solid-rockin', soul-stompin', garage-crazed sound, Don Juan Y Los Blancos are the band for you.

Monday, May 1, 2017

9 YEARS of this BLOG

Today is a special day, not only because it's the birthday of yours truly but also because we celebrate 9 YEARS of this BLOG...... And also most probably the last year of it...

And what a better way to celebrate than with ...