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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Redd Kross - Hot Issue

Redd Kross - Hot Issue (vinyl rip)
In WAV - Scans are included

01.Insatiable Kind
03.Pop Show
04.Take It Home
05.That Girl
06.It's A Scream
07.Switchblade Sister
08.Puss N Boots
09.Don't Take Your Baby Downtown
10.Moon Sun (No Limit)
12.Born To Love You

Turn of the century rarities recorded by Redd Kross in Hollywood between 1981 and 2007. Hot Issue is a compilation that was self-released by the band and sold out immediately, becoming a collector item which reaches insane prices in the second hand market. Top quality recordings that focus on the band's most explosive creativity period in the '90s. Created to be a complete play experience with unreleased and rare tracks compiled from the Jeff McDonald archives. A total must for all Redd Kross fans around the world. 

This record Kicks major ass from start to finish! Get it fast!


DEE DEE said...

Excellent post! Thanks a lot.

quatermass said...

Fantastic...thanks a lot

Jacobo P said...

Thanks Ratboy!!Wonderful!!

Unknown said...

Bang! Record has just reissued this on grey vinyl.

jazzpunk said...

You are a wonderful human being!!

Woody said...

Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Greg Solo said...

Thank you very much for this. Really cool blog. I bought Researching the Blues on CD and the mastering is shamefully brick-walled. I don't understand. Any idea where I can find a vinyl rip of that. It would make my week. Thanks! -Greg