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Sunday, February 28, 2016

VA - I Wanna Be A Real Kid (tribute to the REAL KIDS)

VA - I Wanna Be A Real Kid (tribute to the REAL KIDS)
In WAV - Scans are included

1 –Jack And The Beanstalk No Place Fast
2 –The Hate Bombs Solid Gold
3 –Popnauts Better Be Good
4 –Psychotic Youth All Kindsa Girls
5 –Rosehips (R.I.P) Common At Noon
6 –Hunchbacks Bad To Worse
7 –Jim Basnight Thing Just Like Darts
8 –Vancouvers She's Alright
9 –Basement Brats Taxi Boy
10 –Heartbeats Can't Talk To That Girl
11 –Slow Slushy Boys Do The Boob
12 –Honey Jet My Baby's Book
13 –Finkers Outta Place
14 –Berserk Twins She
15 –Campus Tramps Hot Bob
16 –The Cheeks Right When It's Right
17 –The Stonemasons Now You Know
18 –The Breadmakers Roberta

A Tribute to the Real Kids,  Legendary Boston Band that Played No Frills Rock N Roll and Power Pop. This Australian Only Compilation is featuring Bands from around the Globe Performing their Favorite Real Kids Tracks.

I got this a couple of years ago from the late Patrick of SOTD, so all the credit goes to him.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Max's Kansas City - 1976

Max's Kansas City - 1976 
In wav - Scans are included

a1.Wayne County And The Back Street Boys - Max's Kansas City  
a2.The Fast - Boys - Will Be Boys  
a3.Harry Toledo - Knots  
a4.Pere Ubu - Final Solution  
b1.Cherry Vanilla And Her Staten Island Band - Shake Your Ashes  
b2.Wayne County And The Back Street Boys - Cream In My Jeans  
b3.The Fast - Wow Pow Bash Crash  
b4.Wayne County And The Back Street Boys - Flip Your Wig  
b5.John Collins Band - The Man In Me  
b6.Suicide - Rocket U.S.A.

Seminal album of the New-York scene in 1976.
Special thanks to Remi for the vinyl rip, mine was too worn out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jetbone - ”Magical Ride”

Jetbone is a rock and roll band from Sundsvall, Sweden consisting of Gurten Sjödin - Vocals, Bass | Alin Riabouchkin - Vocals, Guitar | Sebastian Engberg - Guitar | Tobias Bengtsson - Organ/Piano | Albin Linder - Drums

Their sophomore full length, ”Magical Ride”, mastered by Kevin Nix of classic Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, has been released a couple of months ago by Rootsy Records on CD and also (very recently) on vinyl . 

On the new record Jetbone cleverly alternates early seventies rockers with horns à la Sticky Fingers-era Rolling Stones or The Faces ("C'mon", "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love", "Working Hard for Your Money", "Fifth Time Loser") with slower numbers like "Rosalie" or "Woman". The swagger of some tracks also brings to mind the Black Crowes or their fellow compatriots the Diamond Dogs.

According to what i've read, this album was actually recorded three times in the the past two and and a half years. First with a lead singer that quit the band, then with Alin Riabouchkin and Gustav Sjödin trying to sing as the previous singer and then finally with the new singers doing their own thing. The result is a brilliant album full of fantastic songs. A must buy.

Purchase it here :
or here :

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Paley Brothers ‎– Ecstasy 12"

The Paley Brothers ‎– Ecstasy 12" 
In wav - Scans are included

A1 Ecstasy
A2 Rendez-vous
B1 Hide 'N' Seek
B2 Come Out And Play

All of my favorite songs by The Paley Brothers on one 12"E.P. 
Sometimes life can be a real ecstasy!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lust-O-Rama - Twenty-Six Screams (BY REQUEST)

Lust-O-Rama - Twenty-Six Screams (1991)
In WAV - Covers are included

1 (Can't Do) Another Mistake 
2 Yeah! 
3 I Want You 
4 Been So Long 
5 Night Of The Sadist 
6 Game Of Love 
7 Won't Be Running 
8 That's Okay 
9 I'm Down 
10 Trip Me Up 
11 In And Out 
12 Run From Her 
13 I Need To Know 
14 (She Left Me) Crying 
15 Again And Again 
16 Gotta Be Loved 
17 Trasher 
18 She Just Left 
19 1 - 2 - 5 (live)
Recorded at Athletic Sound, Halden, Norway. Track 19 recorded live at Last Train, Oslo, Norway on May 19th, 1991. Tracks 18 and 19 are CD bonus tracks. 
From Moss,NORWAY LUST-O-RAMA was formed by Arne Thelin after he left the COSMIC DROPOUTS (see that entry).Garage Punk at its best. Check out "Night of the Sadist"well known by all the "BACK FROM THE GRAVE" fans.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

MEN FROM S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - CLAW on Stoned Karma Records

The Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. are a Swiss outfit consisting of Mario JANSER (organs), Gerry GERMANN (Guitars), Robert EBLER (Percussion), Stefan SAURER (drums) and Rolf KELLER (bass).

The band has been exiting the ears of enthusiastic listeners with their unique blend of mighty hammond, pounding drums, catchy bass lines, and hard hitting percussion, topped by psychedelic fuzz and wah-wah guitars since 1997. 

I personnally shared the stage with these guys way back in my heydays as an axeman for The VICE BARONS and for The MIGHTY GORDINIS and everytime I played with them I was amazed by their ability to write incredibly catchy instrumental tracks, and believe me, this ain't no easy task.

A couple of months ago, the long awaited fourth album „CLAW“ was released on vinyl and CD on the German label Stoned Karma Records from Düsseldorf .  The Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E latest album delivers eight psychedelic and groovy gems, filled with cosmic effects and haunting sounds recorded in one breathless session. 

My personnal favorite tracks are all in the second half of the CD and these four tracks alone are worth the price of admission. "Holy Smoke" sounds like the ideal soundtrack for a mid sixties spy movie. "Jungle food" starts with a very groovy bass line and wild percussions before the guitar starts a menacing riff and then switches to wha-wha. "Dirt Track": More percussions but this time with heavy organ and the whole track brings to mind Santana's first album in 1969 and in particular their Woodstock anthemic "Soul Sacrifice". "The End": even more hammond organ and a perfect album closer from a perfect band.

Purchase it here
or here :

By the way, while you're at it, take a moment to check the incredible  VIBRAVOID - 2001 2CD DELUXE EDITION 
that includes
- the full album re-stored and re-mastered 
- unreleased demos and live recordings from 1990 - 1999 
- op art gimmick sleeves and op art foil 
- 16 pages booklet 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Long Ryders - The 10-5-60 - Native Sons

The Long Ryders - The 10-5-60 - Native Sons
In WAV - Scans are included

       Native Sons Album
1 Final Wild Son
2 Still Get By
3 Ivory Tower
4 Run Dusty Run
5 (Sweet) Mental Revenge
6 Fair Game
7 Tell It To The Judge On Sunday
8 Wreck Of The 809
9 Too Close To The Light
10 Never Got To Meet The Mom
11 I Had A Dream
       10-5-60 Album
12 Join My Gang
13 You Don't Know What's Right, You Don't Know What's Wrong
14 10-5-60
15 Born To Believe In You
16 The Trip
17 And She Rides

Native Sons was the 1984 release by the Long Ryders, the founders of alt-country and cornerstone of what we now call Americana. It was a hugely influential album which Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) have both praised publicly. It was a number one Alternative/College Radio album in the USA and was the New Musical Express' number two Alternative LP chart entry only because the Smiths' Meat Is Murder was at the top spot. Acknowledged as a classic this reissue comes with the band's previous release, the EP 10-5-60's tracks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Spotlight on ALTERCAT Records

Brothers and sisters, friends and foes, today we put the spotlight on a young and very promising german label named ALTERCAT.

Altercat has released two quite fantastic vinyl records so far.

1) TREE – TREE (ALT002) Debut album by outstanding psych outfit from Israel — TREE. The quartet came to life in 2005, as four young musicians gathered up from the Israeli country side, growing up in a Kibbutz, TREE started it’s way as a mostly jam based band, gathering more original materials and still holding to the that spirit, Thus presenting the group you’ll hear & see today.

TREE has set a reputation of never playing the same show twice, with their ever-growing circle of followers attending to every performance, the crowd knows to expect the unexpected. The LP first pressing is limited to 600 hand-numbered copies, with an amazing triple-foldout poster cover, with removable OBI as part of the artwork

2) The Bogeymen – Introducing… (ALT003) Reissue of cult album from 1994, originally released on CD only, now available on vinyl for the first time. 12 slices of raw garage and Rhythm&Blues, totally english-sounding — these frenchmen knew what they were doing!! A constant kick of adrenaline up there with the Creeps, the Cynics or the Fuzztones and all those that built up the 60s revival scene back in the day.

Altercat brings you the long overdue vinyl version of the album. And the good news is that the audio has been professionally restored, correcting whatever catastrophe happened during the original mix, which means you can finally listen to the bass for the first time ever. The album is limited to 600 copies with artwork faithful to the original CD issue, with informative insert displaying the story of the band and some rare pictures.

Here is a little chat yours truly had with Sergi, the mastermind behind this uprising label:

1° First things first, when did you start the label? DiD this idea came to you one day 
out of the blue or is this something you have given much thought for a very long time?

The label started off a few months ago. I´ve had an intense relationship with music for 
many years, organising concerts, DJing, collecting records, also doing some independent 
releases, and I've known lots of people involved in the business for a long time, labels, 
record dealers and so on. So the idea of starting an own label and leaving behind a 
witness of this relationship with the music world came quite naturally. I had just 
postponed it for too long!

2° Is this something you do on your own or in partnership with other people?

I do it mainly on my own, but of course there's a number of people involved in the whole 
process, including the musicians themselves, graphic artists, sound engineer, distributors and so on. I'd like to see each release as the result of work within an extended team, even if I'm the one carrying the initiative. 

3° So far you released one band from Israel and one from France. Did you get in touch 
with the bands or did they get in touch with you?

I contacted the artists and suggested the idea. I had heard TREE when they released their 
first demo, and then saw them live and realised they really SHOULD have a vinyl release 
so their music reaches a wider audience. And I had the original Bogeymen CD in my teenage 
years, and loved it. I mean it. I must have heard it 20.000 times, and every single 
person I played it too loved it also. I had actually looked for the vinyl LP of that 
album for some time, until somebody told me it was only released on CD, haha! When I 
started thinking of having my own label, I had the idea of releasing this on vinyl -- I 
wasn't sure if it would attract many customers, but at least I'd make a teenage dream 
come true. As it turns out, many people remember the Bogeymen and are very glad to see 
this released on vinyl after so many years. It's very gratifying to do a work that is 
appreciated by so many people. 

4° Regarding more specifically the Bogeymen, it is my understanding that the original 
masters could not be found anymore. How did you work to improve the sound?

Indeed, the original masters are lost in time. Neither Laurent Bauer, band leader who 
recorded the album in his own bedroom, nor Stephane Robert, owner of Dig! Records who 
originally released the CD, know about the whereabouts of the tapes. To restore the 
sound, we had to work with the audio from the CD... it was meticulously processed by 
Mischka Wilke from Kozmic Sound, an analog Studio in Berlin. He spent many hours trying 
to rescue the bass that was lost when mastering for the CD back in the day, and finally 
prepared several release candidates for us to choose from. We tried to select the version 
that we believe is closer to the sound the band originally looked for. I think that 
Mischka did an excellent job, considering the little material he had to start with. I'm 
really happy with the sound of the album, and I think it sounds glorious compared to the 
original CD. 

5° Will you only release vinyl records or do you keep an open mind for cds, cassettes, 

We already give a Digital Download version for free with every album. Vinyl is our 
favourite format, and I seriously doubt we will ever turn to CD or Cassettes, or any 
other format. But hey, we're open to everything -- who knows what future might bring!

6° exclusively for the viewers of this blog can you unveil what will be the next thing to 
be released on your label?

We are working on obtaining the rights for several reissues, that will take us in new 
exciting musical paths, but I prefer not to give many details until the deals are firmly 
agreed on. However, I can anticipate that in early March what should have been our first 
release will be finally ready. It's been delayed for some time due to issues with the 
cover... Afrodyssey Orchestra are an amazing new band from Greece, who play Afro-Jazz-
Funk, blending elements from many styles with great musicianship and giving the genre a 
real twist. PURE ANALOG DANCE MUSIC. I've seen a club packed with nearly 300 people and 
every single person in that room was dancing to Afrodyssey Orchestra, from the people in 
the audience to the doorman. And myself. We're so proud to be releasing their first 

Purchase these 2 wonderful records HERE

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Jam ‎– The Modern World 7"

The Jam ‎– The Modern World Vinyl 7"
In WAV - Scans are included

A The Modern World
B1 Sweet Soul Music
B2 Back In My Arms Again

Side A, unlike the album, features the censored version of 'The Modern World': the [last] line 'I don't give two fucks about your review' has been replaced with 'I don't give a damn about your review'. This version was used on subsequent editions and compilations.

Side A: (From The Polydor LP "This Is The Modern World" -2383 475)
Side B: Recorded Live at 100 Club 11.9.77

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Sons Of Mod - We Baptize You In The Name Of Mod

Method Records and Music From Sydney ,Australia, is an independent music label dedicated to great indie music in genres such as power pop, punk, post-punk, ska and mod. 

Originally started in 1980 by Keith Welsh, Method was run through most of the 1980s by Fabian Byrne and Doug Lees. The label has been re-born in 2015 to release some great new music as well as to make available the remnant stock from the Method archives.

The label has just released the debut full length of The Sons Of Mod, "We Baptize You In The Name Of Mod".  

The Sons Of Mod is consisting of Andrew McCulloch (composer of the songs, lead guitar and vocals) - Amr Zaid Abdallah (bass and vocals) - Stephen Di Girolama (Rhythm guitar and vocals) - Hayden Wackerman (Drums and percussion). 

If you like the 1968 Small Faces' ‘Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake’ you are so gonna love to be baptized in the name of Mod! This record is a blissful mix of heavy rock, psychedelic blues sounds and organ grooves. Driving beats support brilliant guitar work and pulsating baselines.  Personnal favorite tracks : Hamburg Stomp, Ghost train. Electric Silverfish.

Purchase it here :

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Modern Kicks - The Kicks Ain't Alright

Modern Kicks is a fantastic Glam/Powerpop four piece from San Francisco, California, consisting of Ant Boyd - Vox/Guitar Alex Stiletto - Lead Guitar Stephen Sims- Bass/Vox Sean Glass - Drums/Vox.

In the vein of the early Biters/Wyldlife/The Cry the quartet is playing great American Rock’n’Roll!Their latest offering, "The Kicks Ain't Alright" was released a while ago but this is well worth doing some research and checking it out. 

The 6 tracks cd is filled to the rafters with super catchy, powerful glam songs with great lead and backing vocals, driving guitars and an ever pulsating rhythm section. 

In fact the only real complain one could make is that the cd is TOO SHORT! Another 4 tracks to make it a full length had really been welcome and would have made this a real classic of bubblegum chomping, power pop stompers of ‘70s glam rock.

Former Thunder Boys, Zachary James, who also released a great powerpop/glam record in 2009 under the moniker "The All Seeing Eyes", produced the 2 opening tracks : "Up All Night" and "We're All Alright". But my personnal favorite song here is the anthemic "Teenage Overdose". GREAT STUFF!

Purchase it here:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

THE OUTTA SITES - "Outta Sites, Outta Mind" on Spinout records

THE OUTTA SITES from Los Angeles, California, are still America's number One frat and dance band as their latest offering, "Outta Sites, Outta Mind", on Spinout records clearly demonstrates.

Lately the band is featuring Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague: lead vocals and guitar - Jason "Mongoose" Eoff: organ and backing vocals. The two also produced and engineered the record - Juan Ugalde :bass and backing vocals - Rikki Styxx : drums and backing vocals - 

This is the band's third full length and probably their best stuff so far. The album kicks of with a fuzz laden cover of THE NEANDERTHALS 'Arula Mata Gali' and the tone is set for the rest of the record: a real rollercoaster ride through 60's Garage, Merseybeat and organ grooves, highly recommended if you like 1960's British Invasion Rock and Roll (The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five) or american bands of the same area in the likes of The Remains, The Kingsmen or the Knickerbockers.

Some other very cool covers include a brilliant rendition of The Guess Who "Believe me", The Sparkles'"No friend of mine" and Bobby Freeman's "C'Mon And Swim".

Not only is the music fantastic but the very groovy paintings on Dinah DeRosa's gorgeous body are spendid as well. 

So you know exactly what to do, PURCHASE A COPY HERE:

also visit the band's webpage :

and spinout records' webpage :