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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Sons Of Mod - We Baptize You In The Name Of Mod

Method Records and Music From Sydney ,Australia, is an independent music label dedicated to great indie music in genres such as power pop, punk, post-punk, ska and mod. 

Originally started in 1980 by Keith Welsh, Method was run through most of the 1980s by Fabian Byrne and Doug Lees. The label has been re-born in 2015 to release some great new music as well as to make available the remnant stock from the Method archives.

The label has just released the debut full length of The Sons Of Mod, "We Baptize You In The Name Of Mod".  

The Sons Of Mod is consisting of Andrew McCulloch (composer of the songs, lead guitar and vocals) - Amr Zaid Abdallah (bass and vocals) - Stephen Di Girolama (Rhythm guitar and vocals) - Hayden Wackerman (Drums and percussion). 

If you like the 1968 Small Faces' ‘Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake’ you are so gonna love to be baptized in the name of Mod! This record is a blissful mix of heavy rock, psychedelic blues sounds and organ grooves. Driving beats support brilliant guitar work and pulsating baselines.  Personnal favorite tracks : Hamburg Stomp, Ghost train. Electric Silverfish.

Purchase it here :

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