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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The EVIL FUZZHEADS - Evil Savage Voodoo

EVIL SAVAGE VOODOO is the sophomore album by the EVIL FUZZHEADS. The band is led by Eric St John, Guitar and vocals (The Vice Barons, The Mighty Gordinis, The Ratboys, to name a few). His daughter Iris St John is playing the bass. 

This time around, Magic Nico (Mighty Gordinis, The Moon Invaders,The Caroloregians and to many other bands to mention) has joined behind the drum kit and on Hammond Organ.

The result is stellar: the sound is crisp and The Hammond and the fuzz are battling on every track. The tempo is steady and the groove is tight. The songs are fierce yet catchy as hell and are soon to be classics of 60's influenced garage.

Key Words : 60's garage, Hammond, Reverb, Fuzz

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