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Saturday, October 31, 2015


In the Pumpkin we trust. TREAT YOURSELF.

Many thanks to our Special Agent in Kuala Lumpur!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

V.A. - A Tribute To Shoes - Shoe Fetish

V.A. - A Tribute To Shoes - Shoe Fetish
In FLAC - Scans are included

  1. Too Late - DM3
  2. Karen - Matthew Sweet
  3. The Tube - Astropuppees
  4. Turnaround - Bobby Sutliff
  5. She Satisfies - Doug Powell
  6. Cruel You - Sparkle* Jets U.K.
  7. Found A Girl - Cloud Eleven
  8. I Can't Go Wrong - The Lolas
  9. Your Very Eyes - Jeffrey Foskett
  10. Curiosity - The Spongetones
  11. Hangin' Around With You - The Shazam
  12. Love Is Like A Bullet - Michael Carpenter
  13. I Miss You - Al Chan
  14. Your Imagination - The Masticators
  15. I Don't Know Why - Shane Faubert
  16. Tomorrow Night - Big Hello
  17. Only In My Sleep - Don Dixon/Marti Jones
  18. If All I Had Was You - Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings
  19. Okay - LMNOP
  20. When Push Comes To Shove - Matt Bruno
  21. The Things You Do - Chewy Marble
  22. Never Had It Better - The Tearaways

Strangely, the performances with female vocalists seem to work particularly well, so the Astropuppies "The Tube", The Masticators "Your Imagination" and Big Hello's "Tomorrow Night" all sound great, somehow the change to a feminine perspective definitely gives the songs a new edge. The better known performers, DM3, Matthew Sweet, The Shazam and Walter Clevenger, lend their distinctive voices to the songs but do not stray far from the originals. Particularly noteworthy attempts come from Sparklejets UK with a punchy "Cruel You", Doug Powell fairly rips through "She Satisfies" dropping in a successful but very un-Shoes-like guitar outburst, Michael Carpenter has some fun with a lively "Love Is Like A Bullet", and Don Dixon and Marti Jones perform a beautifully sensitive "Only In My Sleep".

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Lolas - Something You Oughta Know

The Lolas - Something You Oughta Know
In WAV - Scans are included

  1. We're Going Down To The Boathouse
  2. Dana The Chromium Girl
  3. Weird Daughter
  4. Plenty Of Dogs
  5. It's You I Want
  6. Light Up Every Doorway
  7. Little Deedra
  8. Let's Keep Talking
  9. Something You Oughta Know
  10. Jungle Girl
  11. They're Coming For You Barbara
  12. Have You Seen The Master Car?
  13. End Of The Summer
  14. Tim's Mom
  15. Ingrid Has A Plan
  16. All The Old Red Ink (Bonus Track)
  17. Can't See You (Bonus Track)

Something You Oughta Know doesn't stray far from the immaculate bubblegum/
jangle pop assault of the Lolas' previous releases. The Alabama combo are high-scoring students of the genre, and each heady blend of tight Byrds-like harmonies and Cheap Trick swagger is instantly catchy and deliciously transparent -- in a good way. They've got enough Gary Glitter/ELO rave-ups ("Little Deedra"), Nuggets-infused fist-pumpers ("Jungle Girl"), and sugary ballads ("Light Up Every Doorway") to satisfy the rottenest of sweet tooths, and despite the ultracompressed, a little too bright and radio-ready -- for 1977 that is -- production, they all work.  -AMG

I think i got this from Curty Ray way back in the day, but i'm not absolutely sure. Anyway, thanks to him.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Lolas ‎– Let's Rock, Rave And Shout With The Lolas!

The Lolas ‎– Let's Rock, Rave And Shout With The Lolas! 
In Wav - Scans are included

1 99th Floor
2 She Said Yeah
3 I Can Only Give You Everything
4 Boss Hoss
5 Action Woman
6 New Orleans
7 Going All The Way
8 Paralyzed
9 Have Love Will Travel
10 Having A Party
11 Tappin' That Thang

Alabama-based power pop/bubblegum combo the Lolas formed in 1998 around vocalist/guitarist Tim Boykin (ex-Shame Idols), drummer Mark Reynolds, and bassist Walon Smith. They debuted with the Ballerina Breakout LP a year later, and followed it with Silver Dollar Sunday in 2001. 2004 saw the release of Something You Oughta Know. 2006 saw the release of Let's Rock Rave And Shout With on the Japanese label Wizzard In Vinyl. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Lolas - Like The Sun

The Lolas - Like The Sun
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Eye Eye  
2 Like The Sun  
3 The Laurie Song  
4 Me And Barbara Stanwyck  
5 Going All The Way  
6 Blue Shadows  
7 Staying Inside  
8 Action Woman  
9 Watch The Movie  
10 Electric Power  
11 The Selfish Song  
12 When I Look Into Your Book  
13 Take My Hand  
14 Sticker  
15 Don't Change A Thing  
16 Ramon Ghetto Chef 2  
17 All The Old Red Ink  
18 I Can Only Give You Everything  
19 Dr. Apache  
20 Wig Wam Bam

Tracks like 'Like The Sun', 'Me And Barbara Stanwyck', display the right amount of guitar muscle. 'The Selfish Song'  marries cool guitar riffs with an analog synth sound which gives a hint of bands such as The Cars, but the Lolas have their own sound and enough ideas not to be copyists. The band (or more precisely TIM BOYKIN who is handling all instruments) tips his hat to the past by covering The Squires 'I'm Going All The Way', The Litter's 'Action Woman', Them's 'I Can Only Give You Everything' and lastly The Sweet's 'Wig Wam Bam', all of which are treated with the right amount of reverence.

Friday, October 16, 2015

DM3 - West Of Anywhere

Once more Alive Natural sound delivers the goods: a very neat compilation of 18 remastered killers tracks of Australia's finest powerpop band, DM3.

This band should need no introduction if you are a regular viewer of this blog. But if you lived on Mars for the last twenty years here'a quick update: DM3 was an electric rock'n'roll outfit including ex-STEMS, Dom MARIANI on Vocals and Guitar, Pascal BARTOLONE on drums, Toni ITALIANO on bass and vocals and Ian CAMPBELL on guitar and vocals.

The band was best known for its melodic pop hooks, its high energy rock'n'roll guitars and Dom MARIANI's flawless songwriting. 

Between 1993 AND 1998, the band released 3 official records: "One Time, Two Times, Three red light", produced by Mitch Easter, "Road to Rome" also produced by Mitch Easter and "Rippled Soul",produced by the band itself.

All their classic tracks are compiled here for your listening pleasure: "One time, two times devastated", "Second floor", "Give it up", "Can't get what you want", a previously unreleased version of "Please don't Lie".

Get it here from Alive Natural sound:

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reno Bo - "Lessons From A Shooting Star"

New York born songwriter, musician and producer Reno Bo recently released his the sophomore album "Lessons From A Shooting Star". Before relocating to Nashville TN, Bo spent the previous several years on the road playing bass with The Mooney Suzuki.

As a middle-school kid living in Poughkeepsie, New York, Bo started listening to the Beatles' White Album,  the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers and Led Zeppelin I, all things now considered as classic rock.

Years later, those early influences are on full display with "Lessons From a Shooting Star", an album that mixes the hooks and harmonies of classic pop music with the size, sweep and swagger of rock & roll. On this record, Bo as a talented multi-instrumentalist is handling virtually every job — from the songwriting to the bass guitar to the vocals to the production — himself. For a musician who'd spent the past decade touring the world as a member of other people's bands, "Lessons From a Shooting Star" was a chance to focus inward. It was a chance to make music that was completely his. 

The Brighter Side," an amazing power-pop track co-written with Brendan Benson, brings to mind the BIG STAR #1 vibes while "Sweetheart Deal" evokes a young Tom Petty and "Mumbo Johnny" is a nod to Creedence Clearwater Revival. Looks like Bo has learned his lessons well. 

Purchase it here :

Friday, October 9, 2015

Isaac Rother & The Phantoms - The Unspeakable Horror Of

Isaac Rother and The Phantoms call back to an era where rock n' roll was simple and dangerous. The voodoo magic of early rock n' rollers such as Bo Diddley and Screaming Jay Hawkins is seamlessly fused with tough 60's groups like the Animals and the tongue in cheek humor of classic novelty hits like Wooly Bully and Surfin' Bird

Today, with the world of music literally at our fingertips, the camp and ritual of rock n' roll has almost been forgotten, residing mainly in the stories and recordings of the past. Isaac Rother and the Phantoms bring back the golden mystic of this past. They do so with top notch musicianship and hard rocking original material, rendering them a cut above the rest. Behold… The Unspeakable Horror of Isaac Rother and The Phantoms!

The band will be touring Europe this fall, check out the dates: 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Optic Nerve - Forever and a Day

Optic Nerve - Forever and a Day
In wav - Scans are included

1 Hopin' To See You
2 Any Day Now
3 Real Go-Getter
4 Hard To Keep
5 A Long Way To Go
6 Call On Me
7 What's Been Missing
8 She's Alright
9 Take Me
10 Tompkins Square Blues

It is incredibly unjust how the Optic Nerve did not achieve a similar success to contemporaries R.E.M.; who, to begin with, owed a great deal to the jingle-jangle chimes of mid-'60s Rickenbacker-fuelled bands. Forever & a Day's ten songs were recorded in 1988 in the music building just off Times Square. And why a label didn't pick them up is unbelievable. Okay, admittedly, in 1988 there wasn't a huge market for Dylanesque rock & roll, but still, the quality of the compositions and performances on these recordings are immeasurably good. If there had been such a thing as the "no depression" or "alt-country" movements in 1988, the Optic Nerve would have definitely been one of the leading bands.

Special thanks to Limburg for this jangling contribution

"Van Buren Wheels" 10"

"Van Buren Wheels" 10"

Four out of five of the Wheels were cab drivers (hence the name). Van Buren Street for years was known as Phoenix’s center for drugs, prostitution, cheap motels and illegal street activity in general. Four out of five of the Wheels were heroin addicts at various time. Heroin broke up the band. Vince died in 2009, apparently after tripping over a show or something and hitting his head. Jaime, Steve, Chrissy and Danny live in Phoenix. They still play music. Brew lives in WA. Scott is a fireman or something. The band played 60s punk, blue-eyed soul, British r&b, Dutchbeat and Northwest frat covers live, in addition to their originals. They were high-energy and played most frequently at Tempe AZ’s legendary Long Wong club. There were no other bands playing this kind of music in the Phoenix area at the time, but several popped up during and after the Wheels. 

Will be released on 09 October 2015  on Slovenly Recordings 

Get it here: