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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Lolas - Something You Oughta Know

The Lolas - Something You Oughta Know
In WAV - Scans are included

  1. We're Going Down To The Boathouse
  2. Dana The Chromium Girl
  3. Weird Daughter
  4. Plenty Of Dogs
  5. It's You I Want
  6. Light Up Every Doorway
  7. Little Deedra
  8. Let's Keep Talking
  9. Something You Oughta Know
  10. Jungle Girl
  11. They're Coming For You Barbara
  12. Have You Seen The Master Car?
  13. End Of The Summer
  14. Tim's Mom
  15. Ingrid Has A Plan
  16. All The Old Red Ink (Bonus Track)
  17. Can't See You (Bonus Track)

Something You Oughta Know doesn't stray far from the immaculate bubblegum/
jangle pop assault of the Lolas' previous releases. The Alabama combo are high-scoring students of the genre, and each heady blend of tight Byrds-like harmonies and Cheap Trick swagger is instantly catchy and deliciously transparent -- in a good way. They've got enough Gary Glitter/ELO rave-ups ("Little Deedra"), Nuggets-infused fist-pumpers ("Jungle Girl"), and sugary ballads ("Light Up Every Doorway") to satisfy the rottenest of sweet tooths, and despite the ultracompressed, a little too bright and radio-ready -- for 1977 that is -- production, they all work.  -AMG

I think i got this from Curty Ray way back in the day, but i'm not absolutely sure. Anyway, thanks to him.


Jacobo said...

Wow, thanks Ratboy69.Lola´s week!!If you could post Silver dollar sunday it will be great.

DEE DEE said...

Thanks for the Lolas! I dig your blog so much...

Unknown said...

These posts for the Lolas are great. Thanks so much for all of your posts-I've lost track of the number of great bands I've discovered thanks to you. I second the request for Silver Dollar Sunday-the only release of theirs I was not able to track down (in lossless) elsewhere.

jerrygafr said...

Can you please reupload the Lolas ; all the links are dead !!
Thank you for all your job