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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Lolas - Like The Sun

The Lolas - Like The Sun
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Eye Eye  
2 Like The Sun  
3 The Laurie Song  
4 Me And Barbara Stanwyck  
5 Going All The Way  
6 Blue Shadows  
7 Staying Inside  
8 Action Woman  
9 Watch The Movie  
10 Electric Power  
11 The Selfish Song  
12 When I Look Into Your Book  
13 Take My Hand  
14 Sticker  
15 Don't Change A Thing  
16 Ramon Ghetto Chef 2  
17 All The Old Red Ink  
18 I Can Only Give You Everything  
19 Dr. Apache  
20 Wig Wam Bam

Tracks like 'Like The Sun', 'Me And Barbara Stanwyck', display the right amount of guitar muscle. 'The Selfish Song'  marries cool guitar riffs with an analog synth sound which gives a hint of bands such as The Cars, but the Lolas have their own sound and enough ideas not to be copyists. The band (or more precisely TIM BOYKIN who is handling all instruments) tips his hat to the past by covering The Squires 'I'm Going All The Way', The Litter's 'Action Woman', Them's 'I Can Only Give You Everything' and lastly The Sweet's 'Wig Wam Bam', all of which are treated with the right amount of reverence.


Jacobo said...

Thanks Ratboy69 and.....more Lolas please!!!

DEE DEE said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

The Lolas are great! Thank you.

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