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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Montecristos - Born To Rock 'n' Roll

The Montecristos is a fabulous London based rock'n'roll outfit including  Neal X - Guitar and Vocals, Emma Goss - Double Bass, Gemma B - Trumpet, Sophie Freeman - Saxophone, Hugh Wilkinson - Drums

In an age when overnight internet sensations are an everyday occurrence, it’s hard to find a band that’s grown organically, the old fashioned way, by word of mouth and touring, while winning kids over one show at a time. 

The band positively explodes on the opening instrumental track, “Atlantic Surf”. It’s a loud, urgent blast of guitars and horns clocking in at just over a minute and 51 seconds, setting the tone for the rest of the album. 

And the rest of the album is a fantastic rollercoaster ride through the finest rock'n'roll on this side of  Chris Spedding ("Born To Rock 'n' Roll", "Dirty") or Sylvain Sylvain.("Good lovin'")

The real treat on this record is a fabulous rendition of "Brand new Cadillac"  with plenty of horns and featuring Marc Almond (of all people) impersonating Vince Taylor like no one else before.

Go and purchase The Montecristos' debut full length album, released on EASY ACTION RECORDS you won't regret it. An absolute must buy!

While you're at it, make sure to check the "coming soon" section: EASY ACTION has some great stuff coming in the following weeks or months (FUZZTONES Box set, HYDROMATICS with bonus tracks, .....)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The LOVE ME NOTS - Sucker

Formed in 2006, The Phoenix, AZ, quartet returns with its original lineup (Nicole Laurenne:vocals, organ - Michael Johnny Walker: guitar - Christina Nunez: vocals, bass -Jay Lien:drums) and the band once more delivers the goods on its latest release. 

"Sucker" is 13 hard hitting, melodic, and catchy songs that will stay stuck in your head for months to come. 

Recorded by Bob Hoag and mastered by the Detroit sound wizard JIM DIAMOND (White Stripes, Electric Six, Dirtbombs) the album is a real atomic blast of fuzzed out guitars and farfisa organ riffs ("No Myth", "Midnight") that will please every fan of The Lords of Altamont or The Fuzztones.

But the real treat on this record is almost hidden at the end of it: "Slip into the black" is an amazing Spector-esque pop song where Nicole's beautiful voice collides with a spooky organ and a very menacing guitar drenched in reverb.

Purchase the vinyl here:

Purchase the CD here:

By the way, to celebrate the 2014 return of the original lineup, The Love Me Nots have released 1000 never-before-seen copies of DETROIT on CD with the original artwork. 

Purchase it here

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hector's Pets - Pet-O-Feelia

Hector's Pets - Pet-O-Feelia

Out of Brooklyn by way of Austin and Chicago comes a band with a very strange obsession with pets. Judge for your self: The band is called "Hector's Pets", the guys also happen to have great "pet" nicknames:  wet pet - vox, guitar heavy pet - guitar, vox pocket pet - bass, vox exotic pet - percussion, vox teacher's pet - drums domestic pet - lifer, the album is named "Pet-O-Feelia" and there is even a track called "Year of the Pets".

Despite this very funny obsession, Hector's Pets are one of the best bands around today and they play their own amazing ultra catchy brand of lo-fi garage punk/Glam/Pub Rock. The album is a must buy as all the songs will get stuck in your head from the very first time you hear them and the lyrics are hilarious. 

Hector's Pets debut album Pet -O- Feelia on Oops Baby Record


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Television - Live At The Old Waldorf 29.06.1978

Television - Live At The Old Waldorf 29.06.1978 
In wav - Scans are included

1 The Dream's Dream
2 Venus
3 Foxhole
4 Careful
5 Ain't That Nothin'
6 Little Johnny Jewel
7 Friction
8 Marquee Moon
9 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

A fantastic soundboard Television set, recorded in San Francisco just prior to the release of the Adventure LP. This tape ended up being released by Rhino (in a limited edition of 5000) as part of their Handmade series alongside those remastered / expanded editions of the original albums.

REUP by request 04/05.2022 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Matthew Melton - "Outside of Paradise"

Austin,Texas based Matthew Melton is best known as the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter of Bare Wires and, currently, Warm Soda. He also started his very own independent record label and recording studio "Fuzz City" where Melton is noted to have recorded and produced the majority of his music.

"Outside of Paradise" is his second solo album released on Southpaw Records and much like his first solo effort ("Still Misunderstood", 2010) this album was recorded over an extended period of time from 2007–2014 collecting material that never made the cut in his other projects.

Despite the long time span over which the album was recorded, it is quite hard to tell which track was recorded when and Matthew delivers a fine collection of power-pop gems "Are You Taking Her Home?","Painted Sign" "Images On The Sand" or "Promise It to Me", smooth punk jams and heavy psych hitters like “Glass Diamond Green Roses” or "Magic Spiral".

Like everything Matthew Melton has ever done, this is very addictive and you will surprise yourself humming one of these tracks in your bathroom early in the morning, and that, my friends, is the trademark of a real genius and his ability to craft ultra catchy songs.


Thursday, April 2, 2015


Ladies and gentleman, from Los Angeles, California, I give you THE OUTTA SITES, America's number One Beat band, featuring Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague: lead vocals and guitar - Juan Ugalde :bass and backing vocals - Pete Curry : drums and backing vocals - Jason "Mongoose" Eoff: organ and backing vocals.

The band's sophomore full length,  "Rock And Roll Dance Party!", has been released by SPINOUT Records and it is now available on High-Quality 180-gram Clear Vinyl with Splatter design .

From the first chords of the opening track "Let Yourself Go" it is obvious that the endlessly gigging has made the band tighter than ever and the OUTTA SITES have become an unstoppable dance machine churning out an impressive collection of 12 instant hits. 

What you have here is the best rock'n'roll album that could have been released in 1964: great uptempo originals like "Shake, Shout & Go" and "My Baby's Going Away" ,  a few numbers with great vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Hollies or the Everly Brothers like "It'll Be The Last Time", "Please Don't Cry" and "Never Have I Seen" and  some very cool covers including James Brown's "Good Good Lovin'", and the classic "Bird Doggin'," which was originally waxed by Gene Vincent.

If you like The KnickerbockersThe Dave Clark Five or the Hollies, this is an absolutely MUST BUY.

Purchase it here

or here