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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Bad Beats - His Vengeful Hand

The Bad Beats are a Canadian garage/ Rock'n'Roll quintet from Vancouver, BC, consisting of Cam Alexander - Vocals Adam Payne - Guitar; Richard Katynski - Bass; Derek McDonald - Keys; Michael Nathanson - Drums.

Their debut full length album, "His Vengeful Hand" , was released recently on the German label Soundflat records.

The album kicks off with "Knock yourself out", a soon to be classic garage rocker that sets the tone for the rest of the record: strong but melodic vocals, monolithic guitar riffs, a swirling organ and a powerful rhythm section. Their rendition of Shocking Blue's "Send me a postcard" comes next and is given the Bad Beats treatment, i.e. completely boosted with all the needles in the red.

Other fine covers include the Mono Men's "Watch outside", The Sparkles "Hipsville 29 BC" and "Love has no time" from The Miracle Workers LP "Inside Out" but the bands original songs are all great as well.

Bad Beats have not compromised sound quality in the name of authenticity. Although they stare back into the past, the sound you hear does nothing but look into the future.Whereas some bands feel the need to doctor their sound, The Beats don’t believe in studio gimmicks and prefer their sound to be unadulterated. 

This is a great album and I can only advice to buy it here:

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Saturday Night Kids - Total Knockout

Saturday Night Kids - Total Knockout
In Flac - Scans are included

1.She's A Cokehead 
2.I Wanna Go To Nevada 
3.The Kids Are Rockin' In Luxembourg 
4.Kill That Girl 
5.Don't Leave Me Alone On Friday Night 
6.Fuck The Beach 
7.Mess You Up 
8.Kathy Hates The Ramones 
9.Saturday Night Kid 
10.Bitch Fight 
11.Ain't It Obvious I Hate You 
12.Do The Godzilla 
13.I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent 

This Delaware based Punk band active from 2000-2005 released this amazing Ramones-Core CD produced by Cliffy  Huntington in 2002 on She's Gone Records. Limited to 500 copies. For fans of: Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers, The Vapids, Darlington, The Manges, Ramones, Huntingtons, Lillingtons, Riverdales.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


The Easter Bunny brings you this 1975 Proto-Punk band's newly remastered CD.
And remember that what we need is the Handsomest man in rock and roll.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Insomniacs - Out of It

Insomniacs - Out of It
In WAV - Scans are included

Already Down
Get Yourself Home
God I Need It
Crystal Clear
O'Clock O'Clock
Don't Turn Away
Sylvia Gray
Feel, Feel, Feel
Help! Murder! Police!
Baby, Come
Nag Champa
Love Me To Death
Lord, I've Been Thinking
Jump And Dance
The Long Cigarette

New Jersey's garage/power pop trio the Insomniacs formed in English- town in 1989. By 1991, the group, made up of brothers David Wojciechowski (bass) and Robert Wojciechowski (guitar) and drummer Michael Sinocchi, released their debut 7", My Favorite Story, on Umbrella Records. The Time Ticks By and Going Out of My Mind singles followed, and in 1994, the band put out its self-titled EP on Estrus, known among fans as "the ghoul record." The next two years brought the Sylvia Gray and Already Down 7" records. The band's first album was delayed by the infamous Estrus warehouse fire, but in 1997, the Insomniacs finally debuted their first full-length of catchy munster rock, Out of It.!xRtk0YZb!437A02YD5gTA4187MJpRiFWawwggtl9PvqcMMxN_gVY

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Insomniacs - Get Something Going!

The Insomniacs - Get Something Going!
In Flac - Scans are included

And The Candle Burns
Tomorrow Is...
Miss Expanding Universe (Swamp Rat)
Guilt Free
That's Alright
Tear It Out
Something For The Weekend
Stick With Her
Anywhere In The World
In Crowd Hangout

Just look at the cover: this is exactly what you're going to get here! Brilliant 60's influenced garage/powerpop with great vocals.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Mants - Do The Dummy

The Mants are a canadian garage rock trio from Victoria, BC, consisting of Guitar/Vox: Andy, Bass: Shawn, Drums: Gordon. The Mants, who perform in suits and rubber ant heads, play hi-octane B-movie fueled schtick rawk that owes as much to The Mummies, The Mono-Men or Link Wray as to pulp sci-fi novels from the 50's.

After a slew of 45" and E.P's released on various labels including Estrus, Roto-Flex Records or Lance Rock Records, their debut full length "Do The Dummy" has just seen the light of day on Dead Beat Records. Displaying a wider, deeper and more menacing sound, this record is without any doubt their best offering so far.

The cover art is done by Darren Merinuk. Favorite tracks:  the instrumental "Atomic Wraygun", "Destroyed by fuzz" and its cool organ riff

Half Man - Half Ant - All Action! The mants will knock your socks off. Purchase the record here :

Here is a small interview yours truly conducted with the Mants :

1) Can you tell me a bit more about the band?
The Mants formed in 1996 in Calgary, AB as part of a small but vibrant garage rock scene that had spawned other garage rock losers as Huevos Rancheros, The Choads, Forbidden Dimension and The Von Zippers. Their sloppy take on garage punk a la thee Mighty Caesars and schtick rock performances (see: The Mummies) caught on immediately with the primates of planet Earth. Over the course of the next four years the Mants released three 7” EPs (on Roto-Flex, Lance Rock and Estrus Records), performed at the (now infamous) Garage Shock ’96 Festival in Bellingham, WA as well as played live nationwide in 1997 on CBC Radio’s “Nightlines” program. Their shows were always unpredictable, entertaining and off the hook as they pelted their audiences with a banana catapult, brought their cohort Go Go Gorilla out to dance, and belted out the Bug Rawk Beat! Their slogan of “Half Man! Half Ant! All Action” was quickly amended to “Half Man! Half Ant! All Asshole!” by their fans due to the charming stage banter slung their way at every show, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the last “Scum of the Earth” show in Cincinnati. Things were going so well that the Mants decided to go on tour, heading out on the Pan-Dimensional Circuit and hitting such hot spots as Moon Base Alpha, Milliway’s Restaurant at the End of The Universe, Planet-X and The Hip Joint, with a brief appearance back on Earth at the 2010 Sled Island Festival. A small computational error resulted in a glitch in the space-time continuum so when the Mants eventually returned to Earth they arrived in Victoria, BC in the year 2012. Taking this all in stride (Pan-Dimensional travel isn’t an exact science as you know) the Mants started playing on the west coast, performed at the 2012 Fall Down Get/Down Festival, Rifflandia 2013 Festival, and the Hot Plains 2014 Festival. The Mants released a 7” EP on Manglor records in 2014, and have just released a full length album called “Do The Dummy!” on Dead Beat Records.

2) How long have you guys been together?
The current line up on The Mants has been together for 4 years. Andy is the longest serving Mant and has been in the band since it formed in 1996. That guy really needs to get a life.

3) Do the dummy is your first full length, right? Can you tell about the recording?
Yes, this is our first full length. We recorded this album at the Noise Floor Studio on Gabriola Island, BC Canada with Jordan Koop. While there we used a $2000 microphone to record a flushing toilet - that about sums up our sound!

4) How did you you come up with the ant mask idea? How do you manage to breath and sing at the same time with that thing over your head?
We lost a bet with The Stinkies. The masks make it very hard to see or hear anything on stage, and they are pure torture to perform in. A recent study by scientists from the University of Victoria determined that at an average Mants show each member of the band loses over 3 kg due to sweat and water loss, and occasionally shitting their pants. 

5) What are the plans for the future?
We are working on a new record, playing shows and continuing the Bug Rawk Beat Invasion of Planet Earth! Maybe Europe is next?

6) Why is the record playing in 45"rpm? 
Because our songs are short (usually under 2 minutes so total about 12 minutes each side) we were able to cut the album at 45 RPM. By going at 45 rpm we were able to use the entire surface of each side of the record. A 45rpm 12" record will be louder and sound better than a 33rpm record (depending on how the lacquer is cut). I know a number of bands/labels that have gone this route (The Pygmies from Calgary come to mind).

Monday, March 14, 2016


In WAV - scans are included

CD1: Outta Place/All Kinda Jerks Live!1. Can't Talk to That Girl 2. No Place Fast 3. Senseless 4. It's Been
Real 5. I'd Rather Go to Jail 6. Every Day Is a Saturday 7. Small Town
8. Problems 9. Outta Place 10. Outta Place [Live] 11. No Place Fast
[Live] 12. What She Don't Know [Live] 13. Common at Noon [Live] 14. Do
the Boob [Live] 15. My Baby's Book [Live] 16. Can't Talk to That Girl
[Live] 17. Bad to Worse [Live] 18. She Got Everything [Live] 19. My Way
[Live] 20. All Kindsa Girls [Live]

1. She 2. Hit You Hard 3. Now You Know 4. Where I Wanna Be 5. Take It
Slow 6. Right When It's Right 7. She's a Mess 8. Face to Face 9. Some
Love 10. On the Blink

The Real Kids don't need an introduction. For a brief time they were a
very catchy combo, mixing pop and furious rock 'n roll 50's style with
a punk attitude. They were the best band to come out of Boston and its

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Robert Gordon - The Lost Album, Plus ... (1998)

Robert Gordon - The Lost Album, Plus ... (1998)
In wav- Scans are included

  1. She's Not Mine Anymore
  2. It Hurts So Much
  3. Run For Your Life
  4. One Day Left
  5. Suspicion
  6. Movin' Too Slow
  7. You Girl
  8. I Found You
  9. Signs Of Love
  10. Wasting My Time
  11. Girl Like You
  12. So Young So Bad
  13. If This Is Wrong
  14. Blue Eyes (Don't Run Away)
  15. Is This The Way
  16. Endless Sleep
  17. Woman (You're My Woman)
  18. Sweet Surrender
  19. It's In The Bottle
  20. Sea Cruise (Single Version)
  21. Fire (Single Version)

21 tracks from 1977-81, including 10 tracks that were thought to be lost in the RCA vaults. Mid-fifties rockabilly music delivered with late-70's punk attitude. Not my rip.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Mergers - With A Carrot And A Stick

The Mergers are a German 60's Beat / Rock'n'Roll / Garage band consisting of four sharp dressed gentlemen: Jerry Coma (Vocals, Guitars), Henry Florence Jr. (Vocals, Bass), Jay Le Saux (Vocals, Guitars), and drummer extraordinaire Winston McCloud (Drums).

Earlier this year their sophomore album, "With A Carrot and A Stick", was released on the German label Soundflat records.
As far as I'm concerned, The Mergers are all about Merseybeat and they are the best thing that ever happened to rock'n'roll since the demise of the Kaisers of which they are the true heirs.Just listen to the opening track "Shop Window Dummy" or the suave instrumental "Hunt The Hamster" and you will immediately understand what I mean.

Check out this brilliant video so full of British nonsense you might think you're watching a movie by the Monty Pythons:

Some tracks like "Better Stop Right Here" also bring to mind the art of riffage made famous by The Kinks and other 60's garage bands. But don't get me wrong, we are not talking about revival here. If their sound is indeed anchored in the sixties, it is also timeless and therefore touches the essence of rock'n'roll itself. They learned the lessons of the past to bring us a refreshing and up to date dance- able sound. 

The mergers also have the unique ability to write absolutely infectious songs full of hooks, harmonies and frantic rock'n'roll guitars. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of "With A Carrot and A Stick", released on CD and LP. This record is brilliant from start to finish.

Purchase it here:

Monday, March 7, 2016

DM3 - Hourglass The Best Of DM3

DM3 - Hourglass The Best Of DM3
In Wav - Scans are included

1 Hourglass
2 Foolish
3 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated
4 Up In The Air
5 I Don't Need You
6 Take It All
7 Soultop
8 Second Floor
9 Can't Get What You Want
10 Something Heavy
11 Show You
12 Anyway That You Like
13 Lure
14 Quicksand
15 Just Like Nancy
16 Give It Up
17 Zero Hour
18 Making Time
19 Foolish (Live)
20 Know You Now (Live)
21 Never Be Friends (Live)

Japanese release only.

The Connection celebrate five years of rock with an expanded CD release!

The Rum Bar Reintroduces Rochester (NH) Rock Royalty! The Connection celebrate five years of rock with an expanded CD release of their very first vinyl recordings. order today!

All Rum Bar orders come w/ New England's Newest Hit-Makers BUTTONS!!!
Friends in Europe can order direct from: Sugar & Spice mailorder today!!

Boston fans, friends and family, do not miss out and catch The ConnectionLIVE this Saturday March 5th at the Plough and Stars w/special guestsJeremy and the Harlequins!! Facebook event page!!

Back in March of 2011 Geoff and I were just friends who liked to hang out and listen to music and drink some beers. We had played in bands that had played together before but never had the idea of playing together come up. Until one day we were playing some guitar and while Geoff was in the other room I played a few song ideas I had been working on- Upon returning Geoff exclaimed " What was that?!" and pretty much at that point we knew we had to start a band. Those songs were " All you gotta do" and " I want you". A few days later we wrote "Stop Talking" which is still one of my favorite songs by us. After laying down some demos we recruited Andy and Chris to join the band and we hit The Electric Cave in Portsmouth, NH to lay down our first 3 songs on May 8th 2011. After that me and Geoff were hit with a wave of inspiration and constantly bouncing song ideas off one another and collaborating. "Its Alright" and " Little Lies" soon followed and after Chris mentioned we needed a jangly Byrds type riff I started "Learn your game". I had recently discovered The Chesterfield Kings after seeing Dee Dee Ramone wearing their shirt in a book I was reading and soon after heard "Baby Doll" which he had written for them. It was the perfect cover song to do for the album. "My Baby Likes to Rock and Roll" had started a couple years before as a collaboration between myself and the wife of my former bandmate Denny Rydell and it perfectly fit what we were doing so we used that to round out the album. The remaining 5 tracks were also done at The Cave on a weekend in June 2011 with Drew Brown engineering and co producing.

We played our first shows that summer and the whole thing took off from there. Once some music blogs in Spain and Japan picked up on our self produced videos for "Little Lies" and "Stop Talking" we really started to gain some attention. In October we pressed 100 copies of the album on white vinyl and assembled all the sleeves ourselves on a cold October night on my girlfriends front porch. All 100 sold out within a week and after that Rumble Records and SP Records in Spain and Japan pressed their own CD and Vinyl versions in early 2012. The original line up of The Connection didn't last long but its what got the band started and I know I can speak for Geoff in saying this album holds a special place in our hearts! Its now back in print on any format for the first time in a few years through Rum Bar records so now is your chance to own the album that started it all for The Connection!

- Brad Marino/January 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dr. Boogie - Gotta Get Back To New York City

Dr. Boogie is a band from Los Angeles, CA consisting of Chris P- Lead Vox/Guitar; Dustin James- Guitar/Vox; Jeff Turpin- Bass/Vox; Luis Herrera- Drums.

Their debut full length record "Gotta Get Back To New York City" is now available on Vinyl and CD on Dead Beat Records.

A couple of weeks ago, while making some research for a write-up about The Modern Kicks, I stumbled on a flyer featuring Noddy Holder and Dave Hill going down a stairway in the heydays of Glam rock. The flyer was advertising a gig  in Oakland billing The Modern Kicks and Dr Boogie.

Being the Slade fan that I am, I was of course intrigued. I liked the name "Dr Boogie". I liked their logo. I liked the pictures of the band: a peroxided singer with a Gretsch, a bass player with a iron cross around is neck bringing back memories of Ron Ashton lying on the carpet on the inner sleeve of The Stooges' Fun House. So their look was great but what about their music? You know the sayin': can't judge a book by looking at its cover!

Well, no worries, brothers, the music perfectly matches the looks: rock'n'roll down to the bone! Theses guys have the swagger of the New York Dolls, the groove of The Faces, the coolness of the Flamin' groovies and the flamboyance of the early70's Rolling Stones all rolled in one. Hooks a plenty, catchy choruses and mean guitars riff, theses guys have it all. And every song on this debut record is a killer.

An absolute must buy, get it here

Shoes - Fret Buzz

Shoes - Fret Buzz
In Flac - Scans are included

1 Animal Attraction
2 Mayday
3 When Push Comes To Shove
4 Want You Bad
5 I Don't Wanna Hear It
6 Turnaround
7 Love Is Like A Bullet
8 Your Devotion
9 Feel The Way That I Do
10 Silence Is Deadly
11 Tore A Hole
12 In Harm's Way

Recorded during a rare live appearance, this CD captures Shoes’ rockin’ side with stripped-down versions of their hook-laced, timeless pop."In Harm's Way" recorded prior to show at soundcheck.

Special Thanks to Jpaul for this great contribution

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spotlight on The Cherry Drops

The Cherry Drops are an amazing american bubblegum, garage & power pop group consisting mainly of Vern Shank, Josh Cobb, Evan Foster and James Schiavone. 

The band has released 2 full length records so far on the well known MuSick Recordings label from Burbank, CA.: the debut album "Everything's Groovy" in 2013 and their sophomore record "Life is a bowl of Cherry Drops", in 2015. On both records, The Cherry Drops are mixing together the vocal harmonies of The Beach Boys, the hooks of The Archies and the power of Cheap Trick to come up with one unique blend of sugary rock'n' roll.

Along side great original tunes like “Outta’ Sight” or "Pop, Pop ('Til You Drop)" the debut album also includes amazingly cool covers of “Little Girl” (Syndicate Of Sound), “”I Wanna Be With You” (Raspberries) and “Wig-Wam Bam” (The Sweet).

And just when you thought this debut record was the best thing you ever heard in a very long time, The Cherry Drops outdid themselfs on their hook-filled sophomore effort! 

This new record displays a batch of incredible originals like "Far out", the anthemic "It's a Surfin' Thing" or the beautiful "Dream California". And then again another dose of perfectly executed covers: "Psychotic Reaction" (The Count Five), “Just A Chance” (Badfinger), “Everything’s Alright” (The Archies) and “That Was The Greatest Song” (The Pooh Sticks). 

And, if that ain’t enough, the record features guest appearances from Tony Valentino of The Standells, Steve Boone of The Lovin’ Spoonful, and “The Mighty Manfred” Jones of The Woggles!

Buy them both! here :!albums/c1mkb

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Paley Brothers

The Paley Brothers - UK Release
In WAV - Scans are included

A1 You're The Best
A2 Too Good To Be True
A3 I Heard The Bluebirds Sing
A4 Rendezvous
A5 Turn The Tide
A6 Ecstasy

B1 Come On Let's Go
B2 Stick With Me Baby
B3 Tell Me Tonight
B4 Lovin' Eyes Can't Lie
B5 Come Out And Play
B6 Down The Line

UK version with slightly different tracklisting than the US version. All songs recorded and produced at Brother Studio, Santa Monica, LA, except A4, A6 and B5: recorded and produced at House of Music, NJ.

The Ace - Riot Of Sound

The Ace is a Beat/Garage/Bubblegum/Psych trio from Leeds, UK, consisting of Dynamite Daz Lee' Parkinson - Drums/Vocals Nige 'B-Side' Spencer - Bass Vocals/Vocals Jonny 'Magus' Wilson - Guitar/Vocals.

Their latest offering, "Riot of Sound",  is a brilliant collection of songs and some of the tracks ("Somewhere in the Back of my mind", "Man out of time", "Take my Love") are instant british garage classics along side the Kinks or the Len Price 3.

Up till now Riot of Sound was only available in a digital format but these amazing songs deserve a proper vinyl release. At the moment, the band is trying to collect funds for the said vinyl release and one way to help them raise these funds is to donate some money on bandcamp, where 100% of the sales goes directly to the band. 

donate here :