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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Mergers - With A Carrot And A Stick

The Mergers are a German 60's Beat / Rock'n'Roll / Garage band consisting of four sharp dressed gentlemen: Jerry Coma (Vocals, Guitars), Henry Florence Jr. (Vocals, Bass), Jay Le Saux (Vocals, Guitars), and drummer extraordinaire Winston McCloud (Drums).

Earlier this year their sophomore album, "With A Carrot and A Stick", was released on the German label Soundflat records.
As far as I'm concerned, The Mergers are all about Merseybeat and they are the best thing that ever happened to rock'n'roll since the demise of the Kaisers of which they are the true heirs.Just listen to the opening track "Shop Window Dummy" or the suave instrumental "Hunt The Hamster" and you will immediately understand what I mean.

Check out this brilliant video so full of British nonsense you might think you're watching a movie by the Monty Pythons:

Some tracks like "Better Stop Right Here" also bring to mind the art of riffage made famous by The Kinks and other 60's garage bands. But don't get me wrong, we are not talking about revival here. If their sound is indeed anchored in the sixties, it is also timeless and therefore touches the essence of rock'n'roll itself. They learned the lessons of the past to bring us a refreshing and up to date dance- able sound. 

The mergers also have the unique ability to write absolutely infectious songs full of hooks, harmonies and frantic rock'n'roll guitars. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of "With A Carrot and A Stick", released on CD and LP. This record is brilliant from start to finish.

Purchase it here:


DEE DEE said...

Excellent! Good band, great Label! Thanks

Tim said...

Thanks for introducing me to this band. I enjoyed the video! It reminds me of something out of A Hard Day's Night/Help or a Monkee's romp. The music is also catchy as hell.