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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Hoods - Gangsters & Morticians

The Hoods - Gangsters & Morticians
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Standback (Payback)
2 She Put A Hex On Me
3 Gangster Jack
4 You Keep On Lyin'
5 Laughing At You
6 She's Alright
7 Two's A Crowd
8 Mystery
9 I'm Your Mortician
10 Nothing At All
11 She's My Car
12 Rain Starts Fallin'
13 I Wander Around
14 Stupidity

After the last gap efforts of the Tell Tale Hearts, Ugly Things Magazine's creator Mike Stax joined up with ex members of the Trebels in 1991 to form the Hoods. The band's 14 track demo was rerecorded for their LP "Gangsters and Morticians" . It's well known that Stax is crazy about the Pretty Things and Q65. This release is no different- intense and purposeful. Here,  Everybody is faultless: from vocalist Jay Wiseman (co- author of a lot of the songs) to organist RON Swart. Stax was asked in the interview the difference between the Hoods and his past bands. His response was "More energy, more humor and more beer".

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Mean Jeans - Tight New Dimension

The Mean Jeans are, as they call themselves, a "Cool Punk / Dumb Punk" trio from Portland, Oregon featuring Billy Jeans: GTR/VOX; Jeans Wilder: DRUMS/VOX; Junior Jeans : BASS.

After two full-lengths released on Dirtnap Records(Are You Serious? in 2009 and On Mars in 2012), a slew of 7”s and a compilation aptly titled "Singles" in 2015, the band signed to Fat Wreck Chords earlier this year. 

On their latest delivery, "Tight New Dimension" the band has written a batch of tunes that are pretty much impossible to resist. It’s quite hard to pull out a couple of songs to be favorites since the entire album is great. From "Nite Vision" to "I Don’t Care That I Don’t Care", these songs will have you singing along all day long. 

The music is tighter than ever, RIVERDALES/SCREECHING WEASEL-influenced pop-punk with a bit of a garage-rock attitude and it proves if proof was needed that these party animals evolved from the raw sound of their early days to the polished power-pop-punk machine of today.

The Band is touring Europe at the moment, don't miss them out:

07/29/16 Hasselt , Belgium De Witte Non
07/30/16 Rotterdam, Netherlands V11
07/31/16 Mannheim , Germany JUZ
08/02/16 Vienna, Austria Arena
08/03/16 Munich, Germany Kafe Kult
08/04/16 Heilbronn, Germany Bierkrug
08/05/16 Frankfurt, Germany ExZess
08/06/16 Duffel, Belgium Brakrock Ecofest

Or PURCHASE their latest CD here

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Reactions - Saturday's Gone Wild

The Reactions -  Saturday's Gone Wild
In wav - Scans are included

In Society
It's Our Turn Now
Haulover Beach
Somewhere, Anywhere
Saturday's Gone Wild
She's The Only One
Be My Girl
No Way Out
Nights On End
I Can't Help It
Rebel Rousers
Without Your Love
That's No Way To Spend Your Youth
Sick Of You  

The Reactions, a celebrated but short-lived Miami punk band, disbanded after the release of their 1981 EP "Love You", sealing their fate as little more than a nostalgic footnote in the history of punk. Boasting the late Miami guitar hero Johnny Salton on bass, The Reactions released just two (now very rare and valuable) EPs between 1980 and 1981. Founded by guitarist and songwriter Isaac Baruch, singer Tony Supa, drummer Joey Maya, and Salton, The Reactions were part of an era ripe with power pop and punk bands. In 1980, The Reactions recorded 14 songs during a four-hour studio session they’d won in a battle of the bands hosted by WSHE radio at the Agora in Hallandale.

Spotlight on the PLATINUM BOYS

The PLATINUM BOYS are a Proto-Punk/Rock and Roll/Power Pop outfit from Milwaukee, Wisconsin featuring MATTY MAYHEM - Guitars and vocals; HOLLYWOOD HEWZ - Guitars and vocals; JOEY TURBO -  Bass and vocals; SKUFCA - Drums.

After a first single (Candy B/W Wild child) on Windian records in 2014, the band released its brilliant debut full length "Future Hits" on Dusty Medical Records in 2015. At the end of that same year "Junior Varsity" was released as a digital download and limited edition cassette. The latest single from Milwaukee’s Best ("Lights out") just came out on June 30, 2016 on Gloss Records from Milwaukee. 

Here is a little chat yours truly had with Matty :

1° What can you tell to the viewers of this blog about the history of the band, who's playing what in the band, etc....
We formed a couple of years ago because of our unified love for Rock'n'Roll /Power-pop/ double leads/ Thin Lizzy. We all played in different bands at one point or another and wanted to take a stab at writing formulaic songs in the vein of skuzzy drug and booze soaked rock n roll.

2° Are you guys doin' this full time or do you have day jobs to pay the rent?
Partying is a full time job man.

3° What about the not-so-glamorous-covers? Well actually the one of "Junior Varsity" is quite hilarious but the one of "Future Hits" looks like two drunks fighting in a bar. Do you mind to comment about that?
We were at this old bar in what used to be the auto manufacturing area in Milwaukee called Roth's to take our first round of promo pictures and we got to talking to the two dudes that are on the cover. The older gentleman with the beard is actually the owner of the joint and the guy giving him a choke hold lives upstairs in a tenement like situation. They were awesome people and part of "old Milwaukee" so to speak. A lot of american cities are getting infested with young professional types that kind of distort the narrative of the city because they have no idea of where the city came from and all thats important is their condo/yoga studio/fresh food store multiplex.

4° Beside the not-so-glamorous-cover, there is the music and this is quite another story. I really dig you rock'n'roll primitiveness and 70's vibes. Who is the main composer, if there is any or do you guys tend to jam until there's something coming out of it?
Generally we write the music all together. Joey our bassist will sometimes come up with a bass line that we write chords over, then I will write a lead line and sometimes a double lead for casey to play over it. Then when the song is basically written Joey writes lyrics for em.

5° What can you tell about your choice of covers songs (CCR, Eagles)? Are you playing more covers on stage?
Those are the only two covers we know. We played an Elvis tune once for Halloween. We were gonna do a Flamin Groovies song but never got around to learning it. CCR and Eagles are two quintessential american rock and roll bands and we wanted to pay homage to them. We had this crazy idea to play Born on the Bayou about 70 BPM faster than the actual song and, surprisingly, it worked. We learned the Eagles tune for a Halloween gig as well and it just kinda stuck. we've been playing that one out live mostly. Its pretty funny, depending on where we are in the country, people either love it or hate it. People are so nice so they'll passively tell us they didn't like it. its just funny how some people fucking despise the Eagles. i get that they were like the pretty boys of rock n roll in the 70's, but damn if they didn't make great music.

6° What can concert goers expect at a Platinum Boys gig? Are you guys the "future of rock'n'roll"  as Jon Landau once stated?
Our shows are really fun and we are pretty humble. we love having the opportunity to play music in front of new people so we always try and show them a good time. It'll be loud, and probably much faster than the record and with a sense of urgency. I (Matty) am usually bouncing all over the place and screaming inaudible shit into the microphone. and yeah we are the future of rock n roll motherfuckers. just waiting for these other fools to get out of our way.

Bottom line : these guys don't cheat! They are for real and so are their records. So you know exactly what to do. Go to their gigs  because they love to party and buy their records because they play great songs.

The PLATINUM BOYS Bandcamp :

Purchase the full length here :
Special thanks to Kevin!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kevin K - Hollywood

Kevin K - Hollywood
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Story Of A Girl
2 Life In LA
3 Jennifer Love Song
4 3 Inches Tall
5 The Final Damnation
6 Single Girl
7 Heartbreak Comedy
8 Hollywood High
9 Way Out West
10 Another Pretty Face
11 No Ice In Paradise
12 Hook Me Up
13 Joey And Dee Dee
14 Hollywood
15 Circle Of Thieves
16 Snake Pit

"Hollywood"..A up and down rockin roll ride through the streets of Los Angeles.This is the 15th studio cd from Kevin K. It features all his band mates from around the globe.
From the Road Vulture rock of "Life In LA". to the female sexy tv star admired pop of "Jennifer Love Song".Written about the amazing Jennifer love Hewitt..She should be on a stamp !! On the sad death of Dee Dee Ramone in Hollywood captured in "Joey and Dee Dee". The cd also has 4 acoustic songs,something that has been missing on the last few Kevin K cds. "Circle Of Thieves" is a rare 8 track recording Kevin did with his late brother Alan in 1988 at a seedy studio on Pico blvd.
Nothing has changed in the world of song writing for Mr.K. Just well crafted songs with killer choruses.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

THE YUM YUM'S Sweet as candy

THE YUM YUM'S Sweet as candy cd 1998 1+2 records
In WAV - Scans are included

Crazy over you 
Right now  
Miss you , baby
Back to Rosie  
Out of luck  
Be my baby 
Never let you go
Be with me  
It's hard 
Baby I'm so lonely 
Rush hour  
Number one  
Always the last to know 

The Yum Yum's : Morten Henricksen : lead vocals & guitar / Stig Amundsen : bass & backing vocals / Thomas Dahl : drums & backing vocals / John Martinsen : guitar .
Let's consider the three minute pop-song for a second or two: so simple in its construction, so inscrutable in its perfection, so many who have tried and failed...For me The Yum Yums have been THE band to watch over the past couple of years, their perfect (yep, it's true) take on the "power-pop" thing a source of constant pleasure and amazement. Following on from their 45's on the Screaming Apple and Sneakers labels, comes this platter, so chock full of goodies that is difficult to take in one sitting. Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter Morten Henriksen has the rare ability to take the most banal and over-used pop ingredients - the word "baby", power chords and sunny harmonies - and fashion them into something fresh. The guy's a pop-alchemist of the first degree!In my humble opinion, there's only ever been a handful of perfect debut pop/punk albums over the past twenty years - the first Plimsouls, Real Kids, Damned, Ramones and Barracudas outings immediately springs to mind. This is another to add to that short list. Twelve tracks of pure perfection including fantastic covers of The Pointed Sticks "Out Of Luck" and unbelievably Jane Wiedlin's "Rush Hour" .... Kids... "this is rock'n'roll" at his best level !!! by J.Hutton -Bucketfull of brains.

Special thanks to Patrick for this power popping contribution

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Andre Williams - I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City

Andre Williams - I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City 
In FLAC - Scans are included

  1. I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City
  2. Times
  3. What Now?
  4. Meet Me at the Graveyard
  5. Mississippi Sue
  6. Detroit (I'm So Glad I Stayed)
  7. Hall of Fame
  8. I Don't Like You No More
  9. Morning After Blues
At 79 years old, Andre Mr Rhythm Williams has been a singer, writer,producer, star-maker, showman, cult hero and hustler for six decades. He has been high, and he has been low. He has toured the world in snazzy suits and lived on the streets asking for change.

For I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City, he wanted to return to his adopted hometown of Detroit - a town that has seen peaks and valleys just like Andre; from hustle and bustle to bust, from drinking out of crystal to drinking out of brown paper. Not my rip.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Woggles - Souled Out!

The Woggles - Souled Out!
In FLAC - Scans are included

A1 Karate Monkey
A2 Treat Her Like A Lady
A3 Somebody's Been Sleeping
B1 I Can't Please You
B2 True Kings Of Rock & Soul (Souled Out)
B3 Big Bird

The 10" features 6 sizzlers from The Woggles and finds the band showing off some of their Soul and R&B roots. Included are 5 cover songs and one original tune. Recorded at Dave Barbe's Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA in 2014.