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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Hoods - Gangsters & Morticians

The Hoods - Gangsters & Morticians
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Standback (Payback)
2 She Put A Hex On Me
3 Gangster Jack
4 You Keep On Lyin'
5 Laughing At You
6 She's Alright
7 Two's A Crowd
8 Mystery
9 I'm Your Mortician
10 Nothing At All
11 She's My Car
12 Rain Starts Fallin'
13 I Wander Around
14 Stupidity

After the last gap efforts of the Tell Tale Hearts, Ugly Things Magazine's creator Mike Stax joined up with ex members of the Trebels in 1991 to form the Hoods. The band's 14 track demo was rerecorded for their LP "Gangsters and Morticians" . It's well known that Stax is crazy about the Pretty Things and Q65. This release is no different- intense and purposeful. Here,  Everybody is faultless: from vocalist Jay Wiseman (co- author of a lot of the songs) to organist RON Swart. Stax was asked in the interview the difference between the Hoods and his past bands. His response was "More energy, more humor and more beer".


DEE DEE said...

Thanks a lot! I really dig the work of Mister Stax.

Phil G said...

Right on, cheers.

Dave p . said...

Great album this. I have it on vinyl and CD. But nice to see it getting some daylight on your great blog.talking of Jay Wiseman I read somewhere the WYlde Oscars are recording a new album. One to look forward too!