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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kevin K - Hollywood

Kevin K - Hollywood
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Story Of A Girl
2 Life In LA
3 Jennifer Love Song
4 3 Inches Tall
5 The Final Damnation
6 Single Girl
7 Heartbreak Comedy
8 Hollywood High
9 Way Out West
10 Another Pretty Face
11 No Ice In Paradise
12 Hook Me Up
13 Joey And Dee Dee
14 Hollywood
15 Circle Of Thieves
16 Snake Pit

"Hollywood"..A up and down rockin roll ride through the streets of Los Angeles.This is the 15th studio cd from Kevin K. It features all his band mates from around the globe.
From the Road Vulture rock of "Life In LA". to the female sexy tv star admired pop of "Jennifer Love Song".Written about the amazing Jennifer love Hewitt..She should be on a stamp !! On the sad death of Dee Dee Ramone in Hollywood captured in "Joey and Dee Dee". The cd also has 4 acoustic songs,something that has been missing on the last few Kevin K cds. "Circle Of Thieves" is a rare 8 track recording Kevin did with his late brother Alan in 1988 at a seedy studio on Pico blvd.
Nothing has changed in the world of song writing for Mr.K. Just well crafted songs with killer choruses.


Tommy C said...

Thanks for this Kevin K. I've only heard a small portion of his many records but I've never heard one that I didn't like. Do you happen to have the Best of Kevin K?

Woody said...

Thank you very much for this. Very very good!!

Anonymous said...

Please momre Kevin K and I Looking for the Best of Kevin K
Thanks from FRANCE

DEE DEE said...

Can't get enough of this guy... Thanks a lot!