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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids - Sons Of The Beaches

Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids - Sons Of The Beaches

In WAV  - Scans are included

1. Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) 
2. Summer Means Fun 
3. Time Will Tell 
4. Hot Summer Girls 
5. It's a Summer Night 
6. Come On, Let's Go 
7. Good Times, Rock & Roll 
8. You Sat Right There 
9. I Wish You'd Dance 
10. It's Hard (To Break the Ice) 
11. Rock & Roll Menace 
12. See My Baby Jive 
13. Brown Water [Apocalypse Blues] 
14. Did You Boogie (With Your Baby)

I first heard of Flash Cadillac in "American Graffiti". The classic harmonies and neat guitars and (backing sax) on such tracks as "Time Will Tell" "You Sat Right There" "I Wish Youd Dance" & "Good Times, Rock & Roll" are almost instantly ingrained from the first listen.
With the addition of bonus tracks "Did You Boogie(With your Baby)" and the ROY WOOD penned "See My Baby Jive". A classic album of Rock & Roll as performed in the '70's.

The Young Ladies - We get by

The Young Ladies is a Brooklyn NY based garage/pop punk band.
Formed in 2011 by Ryan Seagrist (guitar and vocals) and Pat Schramm (drums), the two wrote the bands first handful of songs featured on their demo. Later they added members Ralph Balboa (guitar) and Jon Murray (bass) in 2012 to complete the lineup.

The band features members of Monikers, Latterman, Bridge and Tunnel, Discount and Daytrader. As they say it themselves with a good dose of tongue in cheek humor, despite the misleading name there are actually no young ladies in this band, just some weird old dudes.


Their debut full length, We get by, contains 10 pop gems and has just been released on No Breaks records. The band is planning an east coast tour this summer.

Purchase it here:

Friday, March 27, 2015


UK born Mike Stax moved to the States in 1980 and played bass for many years with the Crawdaddys, the Tell-Tale Hearts and the Hoods. In 1996, he decided he wanted to be the singer and frontman for a change, so he formed The LOONS.

The band released his first album "Love’s Dead Leaves" produced by Ebbot Lundborg of Soundtrack of our Lives in 1998.

There were a few lineup changes after that, but for the last ten years or so it’s been Mike Stax (vocals), Anja Stax (bass), Marc Schroeder (guitar), Chris Marsteller (guitar) and Mike Kamoo (drums and production). Their most recent album, INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND, is just released by legendary label Bomp.

The LOONS if admittedly influenced by all the great ‘60s era bands like the Pretty Things, Q65, the Outsiders, the Seeds, the Monks and the Music Machine to name a few, come up with a very modern and refreshing version of garage-psych. Pushed in the back by a rock solid rhythm section, the twin guitars drive the band all the way to the stars while Mike Stax belts out the lyrics.

The new cd opens with the infectious rocker “Siren City”  with its driving beat and Stax's mantra like repetition of the ultra catchy chorus. INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND is an album of many contrasts, where frantic garage rockers like “Cruel Grey Fog” and “I Don’t Live There Anymore” rub up against haunting, West Coast-flavored pieces like the very beautiful “Moon and Tide” and “Head in the Clouds"

If you are a fan of garage/psych rock it is absolutely essential that you seek out  all of The Loons cds but this new one in particular. 

Purchase it here:

Special thanx to Suzy and Patrick

The Loons Inside Out Your Mind Album Release Party

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 28 2015 at Casbah
2501 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
Doors open at 8:30PM
Ages 21+ Only

Monday, March 23, 2015


I recently mentioned their latest 45 on Market Square records, but previously to this, WINDIAN RECORDS released the full length debut album of Richmond Virginia’s THE AR-KAICS.

The band is featuring Kevin, Johnny, Tim and lovely Patty on drums. They describe themselves as playing what they call "troglodyte teenbeat 60s-style punk". And by that, my friends, you should understand a circa 1965 or 1966 Garage Punk in the fine tradition of the BACK FROM THE GRAVE, PEBBLES or TEENAGE SHUTDOWN compilations.

And indeed if you close your eyes you will have the feeling of listening to one these 60's compilations but this time around you will only have the killers (“NO, NO, NO”“THIS TIME TONIGHT” “YOU'LL BE MINE”) and not the fillers that more too often appear on that said kind of comp's.

The album was recorded remotely during a week-end in the woods at RAG’S BB&R by JEFF KANE and contains 13 brilliant and refreshing tracks with plenty of hooks and choruses catchy as hell. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST BUY.

Purchase it 


or here

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Marie et les garçons

Marie et les garçons
In Wav - Scans are included

01.Rien A Dire  
02.A Bout De Souffle  
03.Mardi Soir  
04.Re Bop  
06.Decision Ou Parti Pris  
07.Tokyo Pékin  
08.La Petite Sentinelle  
09.P 4 Nº 2  

11.Groom 6  
12.Encore L'Amour  

Formé en 75 par des lycéens fans du Velvet (le groupe s'appellera d'ailleurs durant un temps Femme Fatale), Marie et les Garçons sort fin 77 un EP sur Rebel Records, premier label de Michel Esteban. Puis début 78, le groupe enregistre, à New York et avec John Cale, le morceau « Re-Bop » et JOUE au CBGB avant de rentrer à Paris assurer les premières parties de Patti Smith et des Talking Heads.

Marie et les garçons - maxi
In Wav - Scans are included

01.Re Bop  
03.Rien A Dire Medley

Friday, March 20, 2015

Vince Taylor - Jet Black Leather Machine

Vince Taylor - Jet Black Leather Machine 
In ape - Scans re included

1. Brand New Cadillac
2. Jet Black Machine
3. My Baby Left Me
4. My Babe
5. What'cha Gonna Do (When Your Baby Leaves You)
6. I'll Be Your Hero
7. Move Over Tiger
8. Sweet Little Sixteen
9. Baby Let's Play House
10. Twenty Flight Rock
11. Memphis Tennessee
12. Jezebel
13. Endless Sleep
14. Pledging My Love
15. Cold White & Beautiful
16. Long Tall Sally
17. Jeanine, Jeanine, Jeanine
18. Right Behind You Baby
19. I Like Love
20. Shot Of Rhythm & Blues, And Blues
21. Hi Heel Sneakers
22. Rock N' Roll Station

Here are all of the high points of Vince Taylor's musical career  gathered together on one CD. All phases of Vince's career are covered, with tracks from the Parlophone, Palette, Barclay and Davantage labels. Since the 50s he has been an icon to rock'n' roll weirdness, cited by David Bowie as a one of the influences on the invention of the Ziggy Stardust character. The Golden Earring named a song "Just like Vince Taylor" on their masterpiece MoontanVirtually everbody will be familiar with Vince's `Brand New Cadillac', covered of course by the Clash on their "London Calling" album. Not my rip.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

FAZ WALTZ - "Move Over"

Footstompers all over the world, from Cantù, Italy, I give you the amazing Glam Rock/Rock'N'Roll trio, FAZ WALTZ, featuring Faz La Rocca:vocals,guitar,piano - Diego Angelini: bass - Marco Galimberti : drums.

photo by Mircalla Broglio

The band has recently released his 4th full length, "Move Over" and  the least you can say is that the guys came up with a real master piece! All killers and no fillers.  There ain't one weak track in sight! And in the modern music world this has become VERY rare! 

Faz La Rocca really knows how to write 10 songs, all catchy as hell. What you got here is T.Rex, Slade, The Jook, Hello and Gary Glitter all rolled in one.

Brilliant guitar work, a strong rhythm section and -most important- great songs with plenty of hooks and sing-a-long choruses.

If you like nowadays bands like Giuda or Eight Track Stereo, this is right up your alley! A MUST BUY!

The band is planning a tour in Germany and Spain for this summer and is already working on some new songs too.

purchase it here :

Friday, March 13, 2015

Jim Basnight & The Moberlys - Seattle New York Los Angeles

Jim Basnight & The Moberlys - Seattle New York  Los Angeles
In wav - Scans are included

1 I Wanna Be Yours
2 Rest Up
3 Lose Me
4 I Love You So
5 What I Wouldn't Do
6 Bare My Soul
7 Tonight
8 Genius Of Love
9 Your Fool
10 Blood Beach
11 You Came And You Conquered
12 She Don't Rock
13 Love So True
14 The Rebel Kind
15 She Always Smiled
16 Alone With Her
17 Elma
18 Summertime Again
19 Ugly Side
20 I Need Your Love
21 Wherever You Take Me
22 Ain't It Funny
23 We Rocked And Rolled

The Moberlys' self-titled debut album was something of a lost new wave/post-punk classic, but little else was heard from them aside from the odd EP or 7" through the rest of their life span together. The subsequent lack of released material, however, wasn't from lack of recording, as the compilation Seattle-New York-Los Angeles proves. The album represents a missing link of sorts, not only in the career of The Moberlys but also between the garage punk that roared out of Seattle in the 1960s, a main source of inspiration for the band, and the grunge that began to emerge in the city by the end of the band's career in the late '80s. It is a windfall of material, with 23 tracks clocking in at just over 70 minutes, almost all of it worthy of praise. The recordings span nearly a decade, the three cities of the disc's title, and two versions of the band, although the third and longest-standing unit recorded the majority of the music here.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Two fab new 45s on Market Square by The Ar-kaics and The Belltowers

In 2012, Paul Messis, brilliant solo artist in his own right, started his Sussex based DIY record label "Market Square Records" .

The main idea behind the label being to put out records by bands who have a good ethic, who actually mean it when they play their songs and do not strive per se for commercial success.

On 16th March 2015, two fab new 45s by The Ar-kaics and The Belltowers will be released on "Market Square Records" and i can only urge you to purchase a copy of each.

The Ar-kaics - Always The Same b/w Let Me In MSR-07

The Ar-kaics blasted into the world in 2013 and since then the band has gathered momentum with continuous live shows across North America and a handful of really cool 45s on various labels and the release of their self-titled debut LP in 2014.

The Virginia based quartet featuring Kevin Longendyke - Guitar and Vocals,  Johnny Ward - Guitar and Vocals, Patty Conway - Drums and  Tim Abondello - Bass has a great way of putting frustrations and angst into a vinyl groove.

Top-Side 'Always The Same' kicks off with Patty Conway's primal drumming, reminiscent of Miriam Linna/Maureen Tucker drum styles. The group then launches into a three-chord tirade with Kevin singing in a typical 60's garage-punk fashion. The whole track has an incredible "The Cramps meets The Troggs" feel to it.

The Flip  'Let Me In' sees The Ar-kaics enter more moodier climates with reverb heavy guitars. The song in general has a real desperation feel to it, but this is where the genius lies, the track ebbs and flows for 4 minutes, yet the track is amazingly hypnotic.  

Recorded in Richmond Virginia Winter 2014.                                                             
Limited to 300 copies only, housed in a super authentic brown paper bag and a hand-numbered postcard

The Belltowers - Here To Stay b/w Lovin' You (Leading Me On) MSR-08

Florida based folk-rock group The Belltowers, featuring ex-Lears frontman Paul Mutchler - Vocals and 12 String Guitars, Eddie Foeller - Guitars, Mandolin and Harp, Marshall Huggins - Bass and Keys and Thomas Miller - Drums and Percussions have been going since 2006.

Here To Stay b/w Lovin' You (Leading Me On) hears The Belltowers continuing in their Byrdsian take-over with their high quality twelve-string janglers and Paisley-Underground inspired folk-rock.

'Here To Stay' the A-side, is a perfect paisley pop song with continuous Rickenbacker jangle, harmonies and an underlying Hammond organ swirling gently beneath bringing to mind early 80's bands such as The Rain Parade and The Three O'Clock. One can only admire the great level on musicianship and the songwriting skills.

The B-side 'Lovin' Me'  is a short and dynamic jangler, Mutchler sounding more like Roger McGuinn than McGuinn himself. Once again, the Rickenbacker 12 strings guitar chimes all through the song which has a great  Long Ryders country-rock feel to it as well.

Recorded in Orlando, Florida  Winter 2014                                                            

Limited to 300 copies only, homed in a Market Square company sleeve, contains multi-coloured hand-numbered inserts and a limited 150 qty Q and A insert

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Beat Rats - Have Mersey!

The Beat Rats - Have Mersey!

For those of you who still don't have a clue, The BEAT RATS are as they describe themselves a "Merseypunk" band from NYC including FRANK MAX (guitar/vocals), PAUL GARWOOD (guitar/vocals). TONY MATURA (bass/vocals) and ROBERT “Mongo” PINNOCK (drums).

"Have Mersey!" is the long awaited followup to their brilliant 2009 debut "A Cellar Full Of Rats!" and it's been released by Kool Kat Musik in conjunction with Liverpool's Cavern Records.

If one cannot deny that The Beatles are their major influence, The BEAT RATS infuse into the music their own brand of punk and garage which in the end gives a real freshness to the whole record.

This record should strongly appeal to those of you who dig The KAISERS, The FLAMING GROOVIES and so on.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Mother's Children and The Mandates

Mother's Children and The Mandates team up for a killer tour in May all over Europe!

If you wanna book them on one of the available dates please inquire via

06.05.2015, Hamburg, DE, Komet
07.05.2015, available Germany
08.05.2015, Munich, DE, Kafe Marat
09.05.2015, Brno, CZ, Vegalite
10.05.2015, Vienna, AT, ARENA WIEN 
11.05.2015, available Hungary, Slovenia, Austria
12.05.2015, Zagreb, HR, Klub Močvara 
13.05.2015, Salzburg, AT, Rockhouse Bar w/ DIRTY FENCES
14.05.2015, Geneva, CH, Taverne de la Republique
15.05.2015, Marseille, FR, la Machine à Coudre
16.05.2015, Barcelona, ES, Sala BeGood
17.05.2015, Castellon, ES, Four Seasons Club
18.05.2015, Valencia, ES, MAGAZINE CLUB Valencia
19.05.2015, Madrid, ES, Wurlitzer Ballroom
20.05.2015, Zaragoza, ES, Pub Eccos
21.05.2015, Toulouse, FR, Le Ravelin
22.05.2015, Paris, FR, La Mécanique Ondulatoire
23.05.2015, Rotterdam, NL, ROTTERDAM RIOT 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Delta 72 - 000 reupped by request

The Delta 72 - 000
In WAV - Scans are included

1. Are You Ready?  
2. The Doctor Is In!  
3. Just Another Let Down  
4. 3 Day Packet Plan  
5. Incident @ 23rd  
6. I Feel Fine  
7. Ten Lbs.  
8. Hip Coat  
9. Great Paper Chase No.1  
10. Sun The Secret Prince  

The Delta 72 has played around with their sound from their inception during the mid 90's. Soul, punk, R & B, and jazzy instrumentals have all had a spot in the D72 sound, but with 000, they seem to have grooved their sound into one cohesive ROCK and ROLL machine. And this machine kicks it. Comparisons have come up to the Rolling Stones (of the 70's). Their most solid recording, 000 is filled with Gregg Foreman's slide guitar and funkarific "Wooh"s and "Yeah, yeah"s, Mark Boyce's keys and the driving beats of Jason Kourkonis's kit and Bruce Reckahn's bass. A couple of tunes feature gospel backup that work very well with the driving music. A few instrumentals are also on the record in keeping with the D72 playlist. An awesome record from a band that should have deserved more recognition.

Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution!


Smash Fashion 2014 release, BIG CAT LOVE

"A Gentlemen’s guide to sophisticated savagery", released in 2006 after the band had been playing the LA club circuit for around 2 years, was a very promising debut.

"Don't pet the sweaty things" the sophomore album released in 2010  was the confirmation of the chock full talent of Smash fashion.I particularly liked the renditions of "Does your Mother Know" and "Benny and the Jets" which both turned out to be quite mean rockers when played by SMASH FASHION.

2014 saw the release of "Big Cat Love", the 3rd full length release by these Los Angeles dandy rockers. And this is really the coming of age for SMASH FASHION: Great vocals, brilliant guitar playing and a rock steady rhythm section.

The songwriting of Roger Deering now delivers instant Powerpop, Glitter and boogie classics like "Wicked ways", "Blame it on the Brandy", "Stay of my la la"or "Aim for the heart"

And if you hear traces of Cheap Trick, Mott the Hoople or the Faces, Smash Fashion are about inspiration instead of imitation. “Were not reinventing the wheel, were just putting new tires on it” states Roger. I could not have said it better myself!

Joining Roger Deering in SMASH FASHION 2014 are Lloyd Stuart Casson on Guitar, Tony Kinman on Bass and Repo on Drums.

Purchase all the goodies here:

or here

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mondo Drag

German label Kozmik Artifactz released recently the sophomore record of US Heavy Psychedelic Rock band Mondo Drag. The album was recorded in the Winter of 2011/2012 at Future Appletree Studios Too with Patrick Stolley and features the rhythm section of Cory Berry and Zack Anderson (Radio Moscow, Blues Pills). 

The 3 core members of the band, John Gamino, Nolan Girard, and Jake Sheley actually grew up in the same area and played music with each other for over 15 years developping in the process a unique sound and rare cohesion. 

"Zephyr", the opening track of the album, with its driving organ reminiscent of Jon Lord circa "Machine Head" and 
eerie vocals is worth alone the price of admission. But the 
whole album is amazing with incredible cosmic sounds, flute and  some interstellar guitar work that reminds me of a young David Gilmour. 

The album's cover art was designed by talented and far-out artist, Robert Beatty. His unique style and surreal, other-worldly landscapes were perfect for this album.

Purchase it here :

300coverAnd while you're there, take a few minutes to check Kozmik Artifactz latest release : Australian Heavy Blues Trio CHILD