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Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Bomboras - Organ Grinder

The Bomboras - Organ Grinder
In FLAC - Scans are included

1 Return Of The Death Ray  
2 Take A Chance  
3 Organ Grinder  
4 She Kills Me  
5 Riot City  
6 Third Star To The Left  
7 Ilene  
8 Night Rider  
9 Asphalt Eater  
10 Last Call  
11 Lord Hunt Surf Party  
12 Moon Probe  
13 Earthquake  
14 Forbidden Planet

One of the great bands of the brief '90's surf revival, the Bomboras are probably one of the most talented groups to ever play this genre. They may not have lasted long, but their stay did include a bunch of riveting performances featuring hot go-go dancers, extremely geeky jokes, occasional fistfights and their instruments set on fire. A regular feature of their show included the keyboardist standing on his organ while playing it, before dousing it with lighter fluid and setting it alight.
The Bomboras' noisy, kitschy Organ Grinder combines tracks from a limited-edition ten-inch with half a dozen cuts recorded live at Los Angeles' famed Jabberjaw club

Special Thanks to Jacobo for this great surfing contribution

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Rousers - A Treat of New Beat

The Rousers - A Treat of New Beat
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Rock 'N Roll Or Run
2 Leave Us Alone
3 Life Is A Song
4 Intensive Caren
5 Nice & Friendly People
6 All I Can See
7 Ain't Got A Minute To Lose
8 Magazine Girl
9 First Thing Tomorrow
10 People To Meet
11 The Rock
12 Face The Day
13 Ann-Louise
14 Lost And Broken Hearted

Bonustracks & Outtakes
15 Nothing Else To Do
16 Back Off
17 What A Way To Go
18 Hey Mr. DJ
19 Get Out Of My Show
20 Susan's Day
21 Touched
22 She Loves You
23 Bad Time
24 Life On Sunday
25 The Jump

The Anglo-American music scene is notoriously insular and it's hard even for anglophone European acts to break in, so it's our loss that we missed a trick with The Rousers' 1980 LP 'A Treat of New Beat', as it's quite simply the lost grail of power pop. The Rousers seem to have been presented as 'the Dutch Undertones' (which is a bit exaggerated!), and they were certainly at the punkier end of the power pop spectrum, but their catchy, energetic guitar pop also looked back to the 60s, along the lines of power pop godfathers The Flamin' Groovies and forgotten UK contemporaries The Boys and The Pleasers. The LP is packed full of strong tunes and the singles 'Rock and Roll or Run', 'Magazine Girl' and 'Ann-Louise' could easily have been joined by three or four others. Unfortunately it seems the Dutch were no more receptive to The Rousers than the UK, and despite such a storming debut, the band folded in the early 80s. This excellent re-issue contains no fewer than 11 bonus tracks, and the B sides and outtakes are well worth having - the raging cover of 'She Loves You' and tracks like 'Bad Time', 'Back Off' and 'Touched' are stronger than many of the album tracks.!2w1EVTZC!8aDIsDv4GCYQVLwCTTXG63XCzfJ-iAP_fYYZgaSDpDo

Special Thanks to Joey R.A. Mone for this contribution

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Shoes - 1975 - One In Versailles

The Shoes - 1975 - One In Versailles [LP Remastered 2013]
In WAV - Scans are included

Dance In Your Sleep
Do I Get So Shy
Un Dans Versailles
Something I Can't See
Eggroll Rock
Song For Her
One Night
No, I Don't
The Sun
One In Versailles

Only 300 copies were made of this 12" vinyl album of classic early SHOES music when it was first released in 1975. With Gary studying at the University of Illinois extension in Versailles, France, John and Jeff recruited drummer Barry Shumaker to surprise him with this new batch of Shoes songs.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The JENKINSES - "Langered"

"Langered" is the sophomore E.P by Brussels' Glam trash rock'n'rollers The JENKINSES. The quartet is currently featuring James Neligan, probably the best rock'n'roll guitar slinger in town: Lead Vocals and Guitar; Juliette Drumel, his female alter ego and sweetheart: Guitar and backing vocal; Vinnie "The Enforcer" D'Aguanno: Bass and Daniel Wang: Drums and Production

The band has considerably improved since their first E.P released in 2014 and "Langered" displays great vocals, driving guitars and an ever pulsating rhythm section. James is telling the viewers of this blog everything they ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. 

3 Down
A song about labour relations. First verse covers the atavistic teenage slacker instinct to lie down on the job and stick it in your employer’s face ‘cos they’re only looking to exploit you anyway. Second verse specifically deals with a job I had at a well known multinational that was downsizing. The chorus concerns that sinking feeling you get 3 hours into your shift when you realize with horror that the day’s not even half done yet.

No Shame
I wrote this one originally in about 2007 for the band I was in at the time. It’s about owning who you are and making no apologies for it, even while knowing you have no place in a globalized society where freedom to consume is passed off as freedom. Yes, the « Dreaming of Babylon » line is a Richard Brautigan reference. Great novella whose protagonist feels detached from the world he inhabits and takes refuge in his daydreams. I can relate. I love the interplay between the 2 guitars on this one, it reminds me a little of the MC5, though we weren’t consciously aiming for that.

Cheesy Speech
Also written about 10 years ago, but it didn’t reach its full potential until I brought it to the Jenkinses. A cowpunkish track with a fatalistic streak, but that’s where I was at at the time. Thematically it’s about people of standing who think it entitles them to tell you what’s best for you, as if they would know. A vainglorious, grandstanding pompous fuck who tries to manipulate your emotions in an unsubtle way, not realizing that being lower down on the socio-economic food-chain doesn’t automatically make you stupid.

That Was My House
I co-wrote this one with my good friend Gyle Waddy. I put music to his lyrics, which I guess are about nostalgically yearning for another time and place that hindsight has colored pretty for you and that your current circumstances don’t seem to compare too favorably to. I think we’ve all been there. Musically it’s a faster one. Can’t really say we were trying to channel anything, but you’ll hear echoes of some of our classic influences - Gun Club, Ramones, Buzzcocks, NY Dolls etc. Btw, Gyle also co-wrote the song Muddy Waters on our first e.p.

Such A Clown
Another « nostalgic yearning » song, but in the context of a long-lost relationship rather than a place you used to live. Again, I wrote it a while back, probably 2008. It’s bittersweet but rocking. I’m quite proud of this one. Play it loud with the windows wide open !

Purchase a digital copy here :

For a physical copy, send a mail to the band :

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lazy Cowgirls - How It Looks - How It Is-Third Time's The Charm
In WAV - Scans are included

1 How It Looks - How It Is
2 Sex Kittens Compare Scratches
3 Cheap Shit
4 One On The List
5 The Long Goodbye
6 When It All Come Down
7 D.I.E. In Indiana
8 Alienation Maybe
9 I've Had Enough Of It
10 Danille 2:23
11 Teenage Frankenstein
12 How Long
Third Time's The Charm (Remix)
13 Losin' My Mind
14 Meat Shop
15 Dye'n In Red
16 Alot To Learn
17 Reborn

Vocalist Pat Todd, guitarist D.D. Weekday, and bassist Keith Telligman left their hometown of Vincennes, Indiana in 1981 to move to California, hoping to get a rock band off the ground. In 1983, they finally settled on fellow Indiana refugee Allen Clark as a drummer, and began hitting the L.A. club circuit as The Lazy Cowgirls. The band got a deal with Restless Records but their self-titled debut LP didn't quite reflect the band's powerhouse live show, and they were soon dropped from the label. After two years of local shows and occasional touring, Bomp Records came to the rescue by releasing the band's second long-player, Tapping The Source, which came much closer in capturing the fire of their live show on plastic. The following year, the newly-founded indie label Sympathy For The Record Industry opened for business with Radio Cowgirl, a souvenir of the band's high-octane live set at KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara.

Following yet another bout of long touring, the band cut the near-definitive How It Looks -- How It Is in 1990, but years of hard work with little commercial reward began to take their toll, and at the end of 1991 Telligman and Clark quit the group. The Cowgirls' rhythm section became something of a revolving door for the next few years.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Chain and the Gang - Best of Crime Rock

Chain and the Gang is an american band hailing from Washington, D.C. and formed in 2009. Currently, the band is featuring Francy Z. Graham: Guitar; Anna Nasty: Bass and vocals; Mark Cisneros: Drums and keys and is led by musician /writer/ talk show host Ian Svenonius

The man is well known since he was the driving force behind the bands NATION OF ULYSSES formed in 1988 and THE MAKE-UP formed in 1995. 

Chain and the Gang deals in the self-called genre "Crime Rock" that blends together rock' n' roll, blues, funk/punk and gospel music of the late ‘50s /early ‘60s. 

The band's fifth and latest offering, released by INTHERED Records is aptly entitled "Best Of Crime Rock" and sees the band revisiting/re-recording some of their best tracks of past releases along with some brand new ones (the organ driven “Logic of the Night” and surf-power pop “Come Over”). Their previous recordings were primitively lo-fi to the max but this one benefits from a better production and sees the band at their most rocking.  

Chain and the Gang perfectly understood that in rock'n'roll "less is more". The songs are stripped down to the bone and build on guitar, bass and drums (and sometimes a cheesy organ) but this is exactly what gives those reworked songs their power and their strength. 

Several of the new versions on "Best of Crime Rock " are quite dramatic changes from the original ones so it could be a bit destabilizing at first listen but very soon you will come to the conclusion that this new record greatly improves upon its original material.

A must for any fan and the best place to start for the uninitiated. Highly recommended!

Purchase it here: