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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Backstreet Girls - Boogie Till You Bleed

Backstreet Girls - Boogie Till You Bleed 
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Repo Man
2 See & Been Seen
3 Walking Downtown
4 Sexual
5 Hangover In Hamburg
6 Gypo
7 Going Down
8 She's So Bad
9 Gimme Just A Second
10 Bad Stuff
11 Rattlesnake Charlie
12 Medicine Man
13 Awright, Awright, Awright
14 Loaded
15 Barbie Wire
16 Monster In My Cadillac
17 KGB
18 Take The Pain Away
19 Female Domination
20 Christmas Boogie

Backstreet Girls are a Norwegian rock band. Formed in 1984 by brothers Pål Kristensen on bass and Tom Kristensen on vocals. They were joined by guitarist Petter Baarli, and his brother, drummer Bjørn Terje Baarli. In 1985 Tom Kristensen left the band, to be replaced by Arne Aarnes. In 1986 they released their debut album Mental Shakedown on the small independent label Medicine Records. Later that year Arne Aarnes left the band, and was replaced by Bjørn Müller of the band Z-off. The line-up of Petter Baarli, Pål Kristensen, Bjørn Terje Baarli and Bjørn Müller remained for the subsequent three albums, "Boogie Till' You Puke", "Party On Elmstreet" and "Coming Down Hard".  In November 2000 Universal Records released this greatest hits compilation.!TgdTxRRJ!5BK87aEE8z89ZAbjdDqsAI-FYff9dvptzRsEOaORdFQ

Special thanks to Joey R.A. Mone for this rocking contribution.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Backseat Angels CD review in Uberrock.

The Backseat Angels - 'Saturday Night Shakes' (Rum Bar Records)PrintE-mail
CD Reviews
Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 26 May 2016 03:20
BACKSEATANGELS300You want toe tappers? Well, how about the Ramones-inspired 'My Baby Wants To Brainwash My Mind'. Nothing more to add really as it has the big bass and guitar trading the same chugging riffs with some melodic vocals over the top as the drums hack out a solid beat then you get a breakdown that sounds like it might just fall down before everyone comes back in for a once round the song title.

I think the second song might be called 'Saturday Night' with some camp vocals before the band joins in, this is exactly how The Undertones started. The song itself is fine, it's been done to death and by a lot better bands than The Backseat Angels but I'll always give a listen and a heads up to anyone who goes down the Ramones path.

God only knows what the fuck is going on with the lyrics on 'School Bus Driver', man, even if it is pure '70s glam pop these lyrics are weird.

'Peppermint Girl' is great, T. Rex meets The Boys, whereas 'Hard To Tame' is The Knack. 'To Be A Better Man' has horns and sounds like one of those saucy seaside postcards the musical.

'Pick Up The Phone' is a kiss me quick glam stack-attack! Man, whoever is providing the handclaps on this album must be working overtime because 'Crazy Like A Fox' is Sweet-tastic, whilst 'Stupid Brats' takes us back to their Undertones doing the Ramones that started this whole shebang.

They saved the best til last and the rhythm consists of handclaps and tambourine shaking how could I possibly not like it. It's the reason the sun shines, light hearted and easy on the ear The Backseat Angels know what they're about and what they're capable of and deliver it to perfection.

Only The Backseat Angels will know why there is another version of 'To Be A Better Man' even if it an '80s extended version. That aside this record isn't to be taken seriously - it's retro in the best possible way and to be enjoyed and that's what I will continue do.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Max's Kansas City - 1976 (reupped by request)

Max's Kansas City - 1976 
In wav - Scans are included

a1.Wayne County And The Back Street Boys - Max's Kansas City   
a2.The Fast - Boys - Will Be Boys  
a3.Harry Toledo - Knots  
a4.Pere Ubu - Final Solution  
b1.Cherry Vanilla And Her Staten Island Band - Shake Your Ashes  
b2.Wayne County And The Back Street Boys - Cream In My Jeans  
b3.The Fast - Wow Pow Bash Crash  
b4.Wayne County And The Back Street Boys - Flip Your Wig  
b5.John Collins Band - The Man In Me  
b6.Suicide - Rocket U.S.A.

Seminal album of the New-York scene in 1976.
Special thanks to Remi for the vinyl rip, mine was too worn out.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Outnumbered - Why Are All The Good People Going Crazy

The Outnumbered - Why Are All The Good People Going Crazy
In FLAC - Scans are included

1 I Feel So Sorry Now  
2 Accidental Color  
3 Out Of The Gloom  
4 The Other Way 'Round  
5 What's Going On With You  
6 Inspiration  
7 Don't You Feel It  
8 You Need A Babysitter  
9 Sit With Me In The Dark  
10 Back To Square One  
11 One Desperate Moment  
12 Restless Soul  
13 Cover Me With Flowers

The Outnumbered was a jangle pop band from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois formed in 1982. It played a mixture of The Byrds melodicism and Ramones energy. Influences included 60s garage bands, 70s guitar pop / power pop, classic punk rock, and 80s indie rock bands. They released their frst album "Why Are All the Good People Going Crazy?" in 1985 and then toured the country in support of The Replacements, Violent Femmes and Soul Asylum. They released their second album, "Holding the Grenade Too Long", in 1986.

Special thanks to JPaul for this jangly contribution

Friday, May 20, 2016

Tommy and The Rockets - "Beer And Fun And Rock 'n' Roll"

"Beer And Fun And Rock 'n' Roll" is the debut release of Tommy And The Rockets. Behind this moniker, you find veteran Danish multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Thomas Stubgaard. The man has teamed up with New Trocaderos' songwriter/producer Michael Chaney and some other usual suspects from The Connection /
The New Trocaderos galaxy (Brad Marino, our main man Geoff Palmer and Kris "Fingers" Rodgers, to name a few).

Last fall, Stubgaard found himself with a stash of great, melodic hooks and contacted Chaney out of the blue to ask that they write a song together. Chaney loved the melodies, and within days "Take My Advice" and "Beer and Fun and Rock 'n' Roll" had been written. Those songs quickly led to others and before long, the ten original rockers that make up this album were recorded. Brad Marino heard the demos and agreed to play drums. Geoff Palmer jumped in to engineer the recording of the drums and percussion. Final musical touches were added by keyboard master Kris "Fingers" Rodgers and the album was mixed at Friar Park East by Geoff Palmer. 

This team work resulted in 10 amazing original kick ass rock'n'rollers that should please to every fan of the Ramones driving beats, the Beach Boys incredible harmonies or Psychotic Youth sense of melody. All killers and no fillers, this album rocks from start to finish and will certainly be in the top ten of the best rock'n'roll records of 2016! Do yourself a favour and get a copy!!!

"Beer And Fun And Rock 'n' Roll" is available in cd, vinyl or digital download.

Purchase it here:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VA - Buttons From Champaign To Chicago

VA - Buttons  From Champaign To Chicago
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Prettyboys I Wanna Make You!
2 Julian Leal Get Away
3 All-Night Newsboys She's Gone Hollywood
4 The Names   It's A Miracle
5 Kevin Lee & Heartbeat Tonight
6 Band Jocks At Practice
7 The Vertebrats Diamonds In The Rough (Nineteen)
8 Nines Holiday
9 The Jerks   So Lifelike
10 North Shore   School Yard
11 Paul I Have Always Loved You
12 Tom Orsi   Where Are You Now
13 The Kind Total Insanity
14 Eyz Midnight Girls
15 Shoes In My Arms Again
16 Loose Lips   Kyle
17 Lay-Z   More And More
18 The Jets   Be For Me
19 Contra-Band See You Tonight

There is plenty to like on this collection of late '70 and early '80s tunes from Chicago and other parts of Illinois. The only real "name" act on this collection is Power-Pop legends Shoes, who contribute the great "In My Arms Again". Among the rest of the obscure cast are a few real jewels, including "It's a Miracle" by The Names, the Cheap Trick-sounding "Tonight" by Kevin Lee & Heartbeat, "Diamonds in the Rough" by The Vertebrats, "Schoolyard" by Northshore, and "Where Are You Now" by Tom Orsi.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bare Wires - Artificial Clouds

Bare Wires - Artificial Clouds
In Flac - Scans are included

Artificial Clouds
Lie Awake
Go Away Frankie
Runaway Heart
Look Over Your Shoulder
Teen Witch
I Don't Belong
Are You Taking Her Home
Oakland Nights
You've Gone Out
In That World

After a couple of singles on SSLD and Milk n Herpes under their belts, BARE WIRES send up their first LP in 2009. Featuring MATTHEW MELTON (SNAKE FLOWER 2) and ERIN SMSLIE of TIME FLYS drumming on this record. Mid-fi glam-coated ‘70s punk. Mastered by JAY REATARD.

Special thanks to JPaul for this garagey contribution

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Gumby's - Plastic Rock For A Plastic World

The Gumby's - Plastic Rock For A Plastic World
In FLAC - Scans are included

Side Gumby
A1 Linda Blair  
A2 It's Fun When You Don't Know Their Names  
A3 Saturday Night Suicide  

Side Pokey
B1 Mystery Girl (The)  
B2 Love To Pretend  
B3 Small Planet  
B4 Portrait Of A Loser  

Mini-Album released in 1982 on Rubr Rock Records. Favorite track : Mystery girl.

Special thanks to JPaul for this quite unknown contribution

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Johnny Thunders - So Alone

Johnny Thunders - So Alone
In Wav - Scans are included

1 Pipeline
2 You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory
3 Great Big Kiss
4 Ask Me No Questions
5 Leave Me Alone
6 Daddy Rollin' Stone
7 London Boys
8 (She's So) Untouchable
9 Subway Train
10 Downtown
11 Dead Or Alive
12 Hurtin'
13 So Alone
14 The Wizard

After recording L.A.M.F. with the Heartbreakers, Thunders returned to the studio and recorded his first true solo album, So Alone. But he was not exactly alone, since the album featured Heartbreakers Walter Lure and Billy Rath, as well as several well-known guest musicians, including Phil Lynott, Steve Marriott, Chrissie Hynde, Peter Perrett, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Patti Palladin with whom Johnny would later record an album of duets. The album contained a mix of originals, standards from Heartbreakers live shows, and covers, including the Chantays' surf classic "Pipeline," the Shangri-Las' "(Give Him a) Great Big Kiss," Otis Blackwell's "Daddy Rollin' Stone" (done with Thunders on the opening verse, Phil Lynott on the 2nd and Steve Marriott on verse 3), and the New York Dolls' "Subway Train.".

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Nomads - Nomadic Dementia

The Nomads - Nomadic Dementia - The Best Of The First 25 Year
In WAV - Scans are included
1 (I'm) Out Of It
2 Wasn't Born To Work
3 Primordial Ooze
4 Ain't No King Of Rock 'N' Roll
5 The Way (You Touch My Hand)
6 Where The Wolf Bane Blooms
7 The Fast Can't Lose
8 Call Off Your Dogs
9 Crystal Ball
10 The King Of Night Train
11 She Pays The Rent
12 Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
13 Fire And Brimstone
14 Don't Pull My Strings
15 The Goodbye Look
16 Twilight Fades
17 Bad Vibes
18 Salvation By Damnation
19 I Can't Wait Forever
20 Skolsången!n4dQhRqD!f4HbLOMvg7GoiFdd3wE7SJGA8w9vuv_NpZQh4YEFoUU

Special thanks to Joey R.A. Mone for this rocking contribution.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Backseat Angels - Saturday Night Shakes

"Saturday Night Shakes", the debut full length of glam poppers The Backseat Angels is soon to be released on Rumbar Records.  

What you have here are 11 brilliant songs of super catchy, fun, addictive, powerful rock'n'roll with great vocals, driving guitars and an ever pulsating rhythm section. 

If you dig The Records, The Boys, The Motors, Boomtown Rats, The Undertones, Sweet, Slade, Hello and all that 70's British Glam and Punk then you are going to LOVE this band!! Just in time for the Prom and those "Saturday Night Shakes".

In the meantime, you can purchase a digital copy here: 

The extended mix of "To be A Better Man" is exclusive to this download and is not included on the CD.

To purchase physical copies in Europe, go here: 

The Now Time Delegation - Watch For Today (reup)

The Now Time Delegation - Watch For Today
In wav - scans are included

1. Raise Your Hand  
2. Little Miss Fortune  
3. Getting The Corners  
4. Layin' On The Ground  
5. Hangin' Tree  
6. Keep On Pushin'  
7. Nothing But A Heartache  
8. Bye Bye  
9. Bert's Apple Crumble  
10. Handle Me With Care  
11. Stand And Deliver  
12. Look To Tomorrow  

The Now Time Delegation, featuring folks from the Bellrays, Lord High Fixers, Jack O'Fire, etc. are an amazing combo who rip out a highly derivative yet intoxicating blend of tough mod-rock, '60s soul and garage crunch, all blended up with a real 21st century punk rock delivery. Half of the songs are actually covers - from Curtis Mayfield's Impressions to a rare King Floyd b-side (the awesome "Handle With Care") - the other half being some exceptional Tim Kerr originals, all combining to make a winning collection.
If you're at all partial to the Texan garage scene (spearheaded mostly by Mr. Kerr himself), or the In The Red "sound" (raw no-BS rock'n'roll) or perhaps a sonic mix of the Who, MC5, Stones, Curtis, Sly Stone, Booker T. and Ann Peebles, then this disc will likely float yer boat.!SllghAjB!zOhLmrwg11IHB7koGfRrVRlXm0ihQgjegqeAfrTyObg

Special thanks to Joey R.A. Mone for this groovy contribution.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Today is a special day, not only because it's the birthday of yours truly but also because we celebrate  8 YEARS of this BLOG. 

And what a better way to celebrate than with ...

MOON MARTIN Live at Rockpalast
In WAV - Scans are included

Disc: 1           
  1. She's A Pretender
  2. Hands Down
  3. Hot Nite In Dallas
  4. S.O.S.
  5. Five Days Of Fever
  6. Bootleg Woman
  7. Paid The Price
  8. Bad News
  9. Breakout Tonight
  10. Whispers
  11. Gun Shy
  12. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
  13. Pushed Around
  14. Night Thoughts
Disc: 2    
  1. Deeper (Into Love)
  2. Rollin In My Rolls
  3. I've Got A Reason
  4. No Chance
  5. Havanna Moon
  6. Hot House Baby
  7. Heartbreak Hotel
  8. Rolene
  9. Bad Case Of Loving You
  10. Cadillac Walk
  11. Boogie Woogie Country Girl
  12. No Dice

Oklahoma-born John Moon Martin is an American singer-songwriter whose songs were picked up and turned into hits by others.The nickname "Moon" was added to distinguish him from Brit song writer John Martyn, and it also recognizes his frequent use of lunar-related imagery in lyrics. He was described by author Johnny Rogan as a cross between Buddy Holly, Warren Zevon and John Denver .His late 60's session career as a guitarist-for-hire saw him backing Del Shannon, Jackie DeShannon, Gram Parsons and Linda Ronstadt. He contributed to Mama Michelle Phillips debut solo album, Victim Of Romance (1977). His band Southwind shared stages with the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers. He also found fame in the New Wave era, when he was backed by Gary Valentine, former bass player for Blondie and was produced by Craig Leon .