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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Now Time Delegation - Watch For Today (reup)

The Now Time Delegation - Watch For Today
In wav - scans are included

1. Raise Your Hand  
2. Little Miss Fortune  
3. Getting The Corners  
4. Layin' On The Ground  
5. Hangin' Tree  
6. Keep On Pushin'  
7. Nothing But A Heartache  
8. Bye Bye  
9. Bert's Apple Crumble  
10. Handle Me With Care  
11. Stand And Deliver  
12. Look To Tomorrow  

The Now Time Delegation, featuring folks from the Bellrays, Lord High Fixers, Jack O'Fire, etc. are an amazing combo who rip out a highly derivative yet intoxicating blend of tough mod-rock, '60s soul and garage crunch, all blended up with a real 21st century punk rock delivery. Half of the songs are actually covers - from Curtis Mayfield's Impressions to a rare King Floyd b-side (the awesome "Handle With Care") - the other half being some exceptional Tim Kerr originals, all combining to make a winning collection.
If you're at all partial to the Texan garage scene (spearheaded mostly by Mr. Kerr himself), or the In The Red "sound" (raw no-BS rock'n'roll) or perhaps a sonic mix of the Who, MC5, Stones, Curtis, Sly Stone, Booker T. and Ann Peebles, then this disc will likely float yer boat.!SllghAjB!zOhLmrwg11IHB7koGfRrVRlXm0ihQgjegqeAfrTyObg

Special thanks to Joey R.A. Mone for this groovy contribution.

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