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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Nomads - Nomadic Dementia

The Nomads - Nomadic Dementia - The Best Of The First 25 Year
In WAV - Scans are included
1 (I'm) Out Of It
2 Wasn't Born To Work
3 Primordial Ooze
4 Ain't No King Of Rock 'N' Roll
5 The Way (You Touch My Hand)
6 Where The Wolf Bane Blooms
7 The Fast Can't Lose
8 Call Off Your Dogs
9 Crystal Ball
10 The King Of Night Train
11 She Pays The Rent
12 Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
13 Fire And Brimstone
14 Don't Pull My Strings
15 The Goodbye Look
16 Twilight Fades
17 Bad Vibes
18 Salvation By Damnation
19 I Can't Wait Forever
20 Skolsången!n4dQhRqD!f4HbLOMvg7GoiFdd3wE7SJGA8w9vuv_NpZQh4YEFoUU

Special thanks to Joey R.A. Mone for this rocking contribution.

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Phil G said...

Cheers for this!!