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Sunday, May 1, 2016


Today is a special day, not only because it's the birthday of yours truly but also because we celebrate  8 YEARS of this BLOG. 

And what a better way to celebrate than with ...

MOON MARTIN Live at Rockpalast
In WAV - Scans are included

Disc: 1           
  1. She's A Pretender
  2. Hands Down
  3. Hot Nite In Dallas
  4. S.O.S.
  5. Five Days Of Fever
  6. Bootleg Woman
  7. Paid The Price
  8. Bad News
  9. Breakout Tonight
  10. Whispers
  11. Gun Shy
  12. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
  13. Pushed Around
  14. Night Thoughts
Disc: 2    
  1. Deeper (Into Love)
  2. Rollin In My Rolls
  3. I've Got A Reason
  4. No Chance
  5. Havanna Moon
  6. Hot House Baby
  7. Heartbreak Hotel
  8. Rolene
  9. Bad Case Of Loving You
  10. Cadillac Walk
  11. Boogie Woogie Country Girl
  12. No Dice

Oklahoma-born John Moon Martin is an American singer-songwriter whose songs were picked up and turned into hits by others.The nickname "Moon" was added to distinguish him from Brit song writer John Martyn, and it also recognizes his frequent use of lunar-related imagery in lyrics. He was described by author Johnny Rogan as a cross between Buddy Holly, Warren Zevon and John Denver .His late 60's session career as a guitarist-for-hire saw him backing Del Shannon, Jackie DeShannon, Gram Parsons and Linda Ronstadt. He contributed to Mama Michelle Phillips debut solo album, Victim Of Romance (1977). His band Southwind shared stages with the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers. He also found fame in the New Wave era, when he was backed by Gary Valentine, former bass player for Blondie and was produced by Craig Leon .


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for your fabulous blog !!

RYP said...

Congrats ratboy69!

Rock on and Surf's up!

Billy said...

A. Happy birthday
B. Congrats on the longevityof your blog.
C. Love this place.

Anonymous said...

Felicidades ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Frank Miller said...

Congratulations Ratboy, Great Blog!

Doug said...

Congratulations on 8 Ratboy69 years.So much great music.

TheOtherGuest said...

Happy birthday.
Are you a Hobbit because I thought it was only Hobbits that gave gifts on their birthdays?

Rick Saunders said...

Love your blog. Thanks for all the work and time you've put into it. You've turned me onto a lot of cool stuff. Cheers!

pier said...


JJMURA said...

Thanks for all those years of good music.
Happy Birthday !!!

DEE DEE said...

Bravo & congratulations! Thanks for the good vibrations

bosshoss said...

Congrats! One of my fave blogs....ever!/bosshoss

367 loser said...

keep on rockin' !

Pepe Mendes said...

Happy Birthday! Cheers!

Woody said...

Happy Birthday. Thankx for all.

James A. Naismith said...


Anonymous said...

I had no idea this even existed, and I'm a big fan of Mr. Martin.

Congrats on 8 years of one of the best blogs out there!

tomg said...

Hey, i know i'm late for this post but congratulations for the eight years friend, amazing.

Unknown said...

Dear ratboy69, can you repost Moon Martin's Street Fever CD VINYL REPLIKA EDITION? Happy Birthday and thank you in advance.