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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bare Wires - Artificial Clouds

Bare Wires - Artificial Clouds
In Flac - Scans are included

Artificial Clouds
Lie Awake
Go Away Frankie
Runaway Heart
Look Over Your Shoulder
Teen Witch
I Don't Belong
Are You Taking Her Home
Oakland Nights
You've Gone Out
In That World

After a couple of singles on SSLD and Milk n Herpes under their belts, BARE WIRES send up their first LP in 2009. Featuring MATTHEW MELTON (SNAKE FLOWER 2) and ERIN SMSLIE of TIME FLYS drumming on this record. Mid-fi glam-coated ‘70s punk. Mastered by JAY REATARD.

Special thanks to JPaul for this garagey contribution


Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

could you please somehow try to post the next albums: Sleepwalkers "...Will walk all over you", Romulans "Flight of the Romulans", Rookies "Out of fashion", Thee Lordly serpents "S/T",Thee Fine lines "Set you straight" and Los Explosiovos "Satisfaction woman"? Do you know where it is possible to find these albums for downloading? Thanks for your reply and good luck with your lovely blog!!!!

michaelpaulus said...

Bare Wires - Artificial Clouds is a vinyl rip, right? :)

ratboy69 said...

Yes this is a vinyl rip courtesy of Jpaul. I do not think there is a cd version of this record