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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Backseat Angels CD review in Uberrock.

The Backseat Angels - 'Saturday Night Shakes' (Rum Bar Records)PrintE-mail
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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 26 May 2016 03:20
BACKSEATANGELS300You want toe tappers? Well, how about the Ramones-inspired 'My Baby Wants To Brainwash My Mind'. Nothing more to add really as it has the big bass and guitar trading the same chugging riffs with some melodic vocals over the top as the drums hack out a solid beat then you get a breakdown that sounds like it might just fall down before everyone comes back in for a once round the song title.

I think the second song might be called 'Saturday Night' with some camp vocals before the band joins in, this is exactly how The Undertones started. The song itself is fine, it's been done to death and by a lot better bands than The Backseat Angels but I'll always give a listen and a heads up to anyone who goes down the Ramones path.

God only knows what the fuck is going on with the lyrics on 'School Bus Driver', man, even if it is pure '70s glam pop these lyrics are weird.

'Peppermint Girl' is great, T. Rex meets The Boys, whereas 'Hard To Tame' is The Knack. 'To Be A Better Man' has horns and sounds like one of those saucy seaside postcards the musical.

'Pick Up The Phone' is a kiss me quick glam stack-attack! Man, whoever is providing the handclaps on this album must be working overtime because 'Crazy Like A Fox' is Sweet-tastic, whilst 'Stupid Brats' takes us back to their Undertones doing the Ramones that started this whole shebang.

They saved the best til last and the rhythm consists of handclaps and tambourine shaking how could I possibly not like it. It's the reason the sun shines, light hearted and easy on the ear The Backseat Angels know what they're about and what they're capable of and deliver it to perfection.

Only The Backseat Angels will know why there is another version of 'To Be A Better Man' even if it an '80s extended version. That aside this record isn't to be taken seriously - it's retro in the best possible way and to be enjoyed and that's what I will continue do.

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an excellent excellent label too