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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Greg Kihn - Greg Kihn Again

Greg Kihn - Greg Kihn Again
In Flac - Scans are included

1 Love's Made A Fool Of You
2 Island
3 Last Of Me
4 Real Big Man
5 Politics
6 Hurt So Bad
7 For You
8 If You Be My Love
9 Madison Avenue
10 Untie My Hands

Greg Kihn began his career in his hometown of Baltimore, MD, working in the singer/songwriter mold but switched to straightforward rock & roll when he moved to San Francisco, in 1972, singing in the streets, and working behind the counter at the Berkeley record store, Rather Ripped Records, with future band mate and Earth Quake guitarist Gary Phillips. The following year, he became one of the first artists signed to Matthew King Kaufman's now-legendary Beserkley Records. Along with Jonathan Richman, Earth Quake, and the Rubinoos, Kihn helped to carve the label's sound—melodic pop with a strong 1960s pop sensibility—an alternative to the prog rock of the time.

In 1976, after his debut on the compilation Beserkley Chartbusters, he recorded his first album with his own ensemble, called The Greg Kihn Band, comprising Robbie Dunbar (guitar), Steve Wright (bass), and Larry Lynch (drums). Dunbar, already a member of Earth Quake, was replaced by Dave Carpender in time to record their second album, Greg Kihn Again.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

V.A. - Buttons - Starter Kit

V.A. - Buttons - Starter  Kit
In Wav - Scans are included

A1. Luxury - Green Hearts
A2. The Tweeds - I Need That Record
A3. The Colors - Rave It Up
A4. The Kids - Hey Little Girl
A5. The Trend - (I Feel Like A) Dictionary
B1. Toms - (I Wanna Be A) Teen Again
B2. Tommy Rock - Dream Rocker
B3. Randy Winburn - Somebody Else's Girl
B4. Luxury - One In A Million
B5. The Tweeds - She's The Girl (Who Said No)
B6. Randy Winburn - Sunshine Usa
C1. The Bats - It's Not Easy
C2. Sponsors - In & Out Of Love
C3. Treble Boys - Julie-Anne
C4. The Colors - All I Want
C5. The Toms - Domestic/imported
D1. The Trent - She's Hi-Fi
D2. The Kids - There Goes My Heart Again
D3. The Bats - Not My Girl Anymore
D4. Treble Boys - One Kiss
D5. Sponsors - Love I Can't Wait
D6. Tommy Rock - High School

This entry-level power pop compilation features 20 songs from the original double-disc CD 004 Yellow Pills: Prefill, plus two bonus cuts all housed in a spot varnished, brick-thick gatefold sleeve.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kevin K And the Kool Kats - Allies

Kevin K And the Kool Kats - Allies
In Wav - Scans are included

1 Allies of Rockin Roll
2 This Time Around
3 Lost My Marbles
4 Red, White and Blue
5 Meet Me at the Party
6 Countdown for a Doll
7 Give Me Back My Girl
8 Hells Kitchen
9 That's Madrid
10 Crazy For You
11 Cool Fools
12 New York City
13 13th Street
14 Jennifer Love
15 Son of Sam
16 Wanna Know That Girl
17 Heartbroken Again
18 Over and Over
19 Seduction
20 Scissors
21 Days Move So Fast
22 She's So Fine
23 Sundown

Kevin K has made a career out of playing the music he loves.  The CD "Allies" was written to honor Kevins dad WW2 vet who landed on the beach on D Day.The first 6 tracks feature Ricky Rat ( Trash Brats ,Texas Terri,Luxury Pushers,Ricky Ratpack) on guitar along with Kevin K himself with Richie Buzz, Laura Bomb kicking out the rhythm's.These tracks just bring that Dolls, Dictators, Heartbreakers down in the Bowery feel and the guitar track just class up the joint too.

Now the next 6 song seem to have a more west coast punk feel... maybe its the different guys playing with Kevin on them maybe its by design. Still great tracks with tons of melody from Kevin, Daune Rollick and Billy Summer.

 And as an added bonus he's remastered his 2001 classic CD 13th Street and included it here with Allies. This is class A stuff and should not be missed.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Limit - The Limit

The Limit - The Limit
In wav - Scans are included

Uh Oh
Call Jane
Candy Rocks
Dream Of Love
Modern Girl
Uh Oh (Demo)
Radio Spot
She's So European (Live)
Pendulum Swing (Live)
Shake Me (Live)
John Loves Mary (Live)
Modern Girl (Live)
You Won't Have Me (Live)
A Girl Like You (Live)

The Limit was the first real band for Christian Paul Serpas (vocals, bass), Manny D. Reyes (guitar, vocals) and Justin Patrick Newbury (drums). They played their debut gig in the spring of 1982 at the Showboat, one of the few places in New Orleans that catered to original bands playing new wave and punk music. The band went into the studio to record four songs in November of '82 for an intended EP. But before they got to release the material, radio station WRNO chose one of the songs, "Modern Girl," to be featured on their Rock Album compilation of local talent. The WRNO album brought in plenty of requests to the station to hear The Limit, which earned them lots of airplay and helped expose the band to a new crowd.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Thee Fine Lines - Splittin' Time

Thee Fine Lines are a Springfield, MO band that plays rough and ragged rock & roll music. The band is featuring Jason Kearbey - drums/percussion; Justin Kearbey - vocals/guitar/organ and Kevin Schneider - bass/backups/harmonica and has be around since 2001. Thee Fine Lines' long-awaited 3rd full-length record, "Splittin' Time" was released last year on WRR (WEE ROCK RECORDS)!

This time, they've branched out with a better recording and more variety! Special appearance by Grammy award winning Joe Terry of the Skeletons on two tracks!This brilliant record will please to every fan of Thee Mighty Caesars, The Milkshakes, Thee Headcoats, The Sonics, The Kinks, The Troggs, The Wailers, Downliners sect, The Seeds.

Yours truly had a little chat with drummer Jason about WEE ROCK RECORDS:

1° Do you run WRR  label on your own or in partnership with other people? - WRR is run by Me (Jason) and Justin since 1995.  Our friend Dan joined in on the party in 2006.

2° Can you tell me when you started it all and why?  Did this idea came to you one day out of the blue or is this something you have given much thought for a very long time? What is whole idea behind the label? - It started out as kind of a joke in high school when we would record crappy tapes for our first band.  We really like labels like Lookout and Sub Pop so we thought "we might as well make up our own label thing to put on these things".  When we actually got better and started playing shows, we put out homemade cassettes with that label on it.  We met other local bands and then would record them and put out tapes by them, too.  We got into the CDR thing but then pressed our first record in 1999.  Since then we have released 15 7" records and 5 LPs.  We mostly focus on our local and regional scene with a few bands we have met out on the road mixed in.  We aren't really very good business people and we really just like releasing records by bands we like!

3° What Was the first band signed on the label? How did you get in touch with them? Or did they get in  touch with you? - We don't really sign bands.  Actually we have never ever signed anything!  It started out mostly as a vehicle for our own releases, but then others on the label are mostly friends that we trust and like.  No one has every made any money off this - and we have lost tons of money!!

4° Will you only release vinyl records or do you keep an open mind for cds, cassettes, digital stuff etc...? - At this point we really just do vinyl with download codes.  We wouldn't rule out other things, but that is where our hearts and interests lie.

5° What are the plans for the future/next releases in 2016/2017 as far as WRR record label is concerned? - We have a Springfield MO band only local 12" compilation in the works.  It is called 12x12 and will be out by the end of the year!  After that we don't know because our money situation is always a bit spotty.

6° Any information you want to share with the viewers on the blog? All of our records are available in Europe through Soundflat!! In the States, purchase all bands HERE :

Other great bands on WEE ROCK RECORDS:

The Gardenheads - Growing Season. The Gardenheads are/were a band from Springfield from 2011 - 2015.The Gardenheads make the sort of garage-rock that transcends decades and boundaries: West Coast hippiedom and sumptuous, upbeat rockers, work well alongside pop-punk gems. If you like the Posies or the Replacements this is right up your alley.

The Safes - Record Heat: Here it is, The Safes' brand new LP--on white vinyl! It's a fresh blast of pop rock n roll magic at its very best! Recorded by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Sonics), Jason Ward (Arcade Fire) and The Safes' own Patrick O'Malley, "Record Heat" explodes with a supersonic crunch and stellar sharp songwriting. The Safes give you 10 hit singles that make one killer record packed with clever lyrics, electric energy, and hooks that hurt. The 3 O’Malley brothers have built a large following in their native Chicago with infectious, guitar-driven power pop. Fueled by a strong family chemistry, The Safes make smart, melodic music.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Nomads - Sonically Speaking

The Nomads - Sonically Speaking
In WAV - Scans are included

Can't Keep My Mind Off You  
Primordial Ooze  
A Certain Girl  
The Goodbye Look  
Wasn't Born To Work  
Long Goodbye  
Come On  
Pair Of Deuces  
Party Till I Die

The band started out in Solna (a suburb of Stockholm) in January 1980 and that first early line-up featured Hans Östlund (guitar), Nick Vahlberg (bass, guitar & vocals) and Joakim Tärnström (guitar & bass). Hans and Nick were the members who would survive as original members all through the following incarnations.

On their first mini-LP "Where the Wolfbane Blooms" (Amigo -83) the band's spiritual guide and producer 4-Eyed Thomas (Ulf Lindqvist) managed to give them the sound they deserved though. A record that started a growing number of fans and reviewers all over the world to praise the fantastic Swedish garage band. Among the brilliant choice of covers, THE NOMADS also showed they could write excellent songs themselves. A classic record.

Tärnström soon left THE NOMADS to join THE SHOUTLESS (great band, also part of the same "Solna- scene") and Tony Carlsson replaced him as bass player 1981-85 (Tärnström would return in -85). 1984 Frank Minarik started playing organ and percussion in the group and they released their second mini-album, "Temptation Pays Double", another fine blast of sonic garage mayhem. THE NOMADS have always stayed true to their underground rock'n'roll roots - whatever they've done to develop their sound, if ever so little, you will never miss the NOMADS' trademarks; the raw and wild guitar genius of Hans Östlund and that voice of Nick Vahlberg (who always claimed he "can't sing" but still manages to sound like a pissed-off Rob Younger with a bad cold...and what could be better?).

The third album ("Outburst!") was a compilation of material from the two mini-LPs, released in England and the U.S. by What Goes On Records in -84. THE NOMADS was now steadily gaining a well-deserved reputation among serious rock'n'roll fans here and everywhere. More touring in Europe with a much improved live act helped as well. Between -85 and -87 THE NOMADS appeared on various compilations, bootlegs and seven inches. The cover of THE LYRES' until then unreleased song "She Pays the Rent" came out as a single and here you can hear THE NOMADS complete with a horn-section. That song were on the indie-top-chart in NME for a while in -85.

After the recording of "Hardware" (Amigo LP-87), Ed Johnson and Joakim Tärnström were replaced by Jocke Ericson (drums) and Björne Fröberg (bass). A few recordings were made as THE SCREAMING DISBÜSTERS ("we wanted to do a heavy metal single with a phony name, but as it turned out it just sounded like plain old NOMADS'- Jocke E.). One of them was the DICTATORS-cover "The Next Big Thing", released as a 7" with the Scottish fanzine by the same name.

THE NOMADS made two more records for Amigo ("All Wrecked Up", LP-89, and "Fire and Brimstone", 12"-89) and then signed for the Sonet label. "Sonically Speaking" was the first album released on Sonet and as it came out in -91 it showed THE NOMADS were still a force to count on. Actually they sounded as good as ever, this time produced by Chips K. (guitarist and singer in SATOR).

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The TWEEDS - Perfect Fit

The TWEEDS - Perfect Fit (USA [Autobahn #TDS-1230] 09/1980)
In Wav - Scans are included

A1 I Need That Record
A2 Hey Baby
B1 Later Tonight
B2 She's The Girl (Who Said No)
B3 I've Got Rock

I posted this one years ago in 320. Here is a New rip in WAV and new scans.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Juvie - You ain't gonna Rock and Roll no more

Travis Ramin is no new comer in the rock'n'roll world. Musician and producer hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, the man has been in some fierce rock bands like the Fevers, The Short Fuses, the highly acclaimed Tina And The Total Babes or Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays to name a few.

His latest project, JUVIE, has just released its debut LP "You ain't gonna Rock and Roll no more" on Surfin'Ki records (from Italy)! Originally recorded as a MAD magazine give away, Juvie delivers Good times Rock and Roll in the styles of Sha Na Na, Gary Glitter, Brownsville Station, Lowe/Edmunds, and all those rockers who played 50's style rock and roll in the 70's.

The album starts off in the best way possible with "Hot Lisa" a frantic rocker that sets the tone for the rest of the album: short but catchy as hell songs with tight guitars and a solid drum beat. 

"53rd and 4th" follows and has a very cool The Knack beat to it and a synthesizer intro riff that also brings to mind the heydays of the CARS or DEVO. "You're gonna look like a monkey when you get old" is another sped up rocker with crazy vocals. 

Those 3 tracks alone are worth the price of admission but the record contains one more crazy rocker "Somethin' ain't right" (featuring female backing Vocals by Maggie Lofboom , Annie Sparrows , Kim Price) that proves, if prove was needed, that Travis Ramin is at his best when he is playing straight forward rock'n'roll .

About the Juvie record, Travis comments : "We wrote all the  songs on the spot in the studio and recorded them right away just to keep it dumb and fun. Written and recorded same day, no over thinking.
And the band will hopefully tour Europe this fall, if everything goes according to the plan!

Travis is also working on his "solo" album to be produced by Kim Shattuck of the Muffs.

Highly recommended! Purchase it here:

or HERE :

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Alejandro Escovedo - Big Station

Alejandro Escovedo - (2012) Big Station
In FLAC - Scans are included

1 Man Of The World
2 Big Station
3 Sally Was A Cop
4 Bottom Of The World
5 Can't Make It Run
6 San Antonio Rain
7 Headstrong Crazy Fools
8 Common Mistake
9 Never Stood A Chance
10 Party People
11 Too Many Tears
12 Sabor A Mi

Escovedo's "Big Station", produced by Tony Visconty,  is a full-frontal rock assault. The opener "Man of the World" layers driving guitar riffs & an in-your-face lyric, "I can take a punch; I can take a swing." The title track powers its pop with Chris Searles' drums mixed loud as Alejandro opens, "I thought I was a man of steel; It nearly did me in; They hosed me down with Kryptonite, called my next of kin." On "Can't Make Me Run," Ephraim Owens' trumpet oozes smoky late-night sleaze as the tempo slows but the attitude remains like barbed wire, "They're running the streets of Chicago, running the streets of Detroit, burning down the halls of San Antonio; Don't ask me for a dime, I'm just hanging on." When Escovedo slows the pace for the lovely lament "San Antonio Rain," his vocals become laden with emotion, "You whispered something pretty in my ear; I just laid down to rest my eyes; When I woke up, there was nobody there." "Common Mistake" has a funky beat punctuated by sax riffs on an incredibly catchy track. "A neophyte, a hedonist, a pagan love, a sloppy kiss," opens Escovedo's channeling of Sly & the Family Stone on the delicious "Party People." Heavy percussion & subtle electric guitar give a sinister feel on the snake-like "Too Many Tears," "Put on some red lipstick, just don't fake it." "Big Station" is an excellent set, one of Escovedo's strongest. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Infidels - Mad About That Girl (vinyl rip)

The Infidels - 1986 - Mad About That Girl (vinyl rip)
In FLAC - Scans are included

A1 Mad About That Girl
A2 A Thousand Years Ago
A3 It's Alright
B1 I Can't Take It No More
B2 Poor Little Rich Girl
B3 Summertime Sucks

Frank Secich (born June 14, 1951 in Sharon, PA) is an American rock musician, songwriter, author and record producer. He was the bass player and founding member of the group Blue Ash from 1969–79 and guitarist and bassist for the Stiv Bators band from 1979 until 1981. He played in the Cleveland based group Club Wow with Jimmy Zero of the Dead Boys from 1982–85 and produced the Ohio band the Infidels from 1985-1990.

Special thanks to JPaul for this poppy contribution

Faz Waltz - Callin' Loud

Once again FAZ WALTZ ,our favorite footstomping/glamrocking Trio from Cantù, Italy, featuring Faz La Rocca:vocals,guitar - Diego Angelini: bass - Marco Galimberti : drums has delivered the goods with their latest release, "Callin' Loud".

Their previous record, "Move Over", was great but this one is a real masterpiece. And this is no wonder since our main man Faz La Rocca knows how to write brilliant and ultra catchy songs. You hear them once and they get stuck in your head for days.  

But this time The Trio, which started out in 2007, has taken his influences (Hector, Hammersmith Gorillas, Jook, but also the Bon Scott era AC / DC science of riffage) one step further, adding a certain dose of powerpop à la Cheap Trick and has come up with a sound totally of their own, putting them among the best european bands of the last decade! 

This record is filled with fat guitars riffs, a tight and groovy rhythm section and -most important- great songs with plenty of hooks and sing-a-long choruses. But it is not about revival or nostalgia of a past era, on the contrary, it is absolutely fresh and lively. It is a real pop record in the truest and most honest sense of the word. A record you gotta LOVE.

This is a must have and will certainly be in your top 10 of the best records of 2016.

Purchase the vinyl or the digital download here; the CD will be out soon: