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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Alejandro Escovedo - Big Station

Alejandro Escovedo - (2012) Big Station
In FLAC - Scans are included

1 Man Of The World
2 Big Station
3 Sally Was A Cop
4 Bottom Of The World
5 Can't Make It Run
6 San Antonio Rain
7 Headstrong Crazy Fools
8 Common Mistake
9 Never Stood A Chance
10 Party People
11 Too Many Tears
12 Sabor A Mi

Escovedo's "Big Station", produced by Tony Visconty,  is a full-frontal rock assault. The opener "Man of the World" layers driving guitar riffs & an in-your-face lyric, "I can take a punch; I can take a swing." The title track powers its pop with Chris Searles' drums mixed loud as Alejandro opens, "I thought I was a man of steel; It nearly did me in; They hosed me down with Kryptonite, called my next of kin." On "Can't Make Me Run," Ephraim Owens' trumpet oozes smoky late-night sleaze as the tempo slows but the attitude remains like barbed wire, "They're running the streets of Chicago, running the streets of Detroit, burning down the halls of San Antonio; Don't ask me for a dime, I'm just hanging on." When Escovedo slows the pace for the lovely lament "San Antonio Rain," his vocals become laden with emotion, "You whispered something pretty in my ear; I just laid down to rest my eyes; When I woke up, there was nobody there." "Common Mistake" has a funky beat punctuated by sax riffs on an incredibly catchy track. "A neophyte, a hedonist, a pagan love, a sloppy kiss," opens Escovedo's channeling of Sly & the Family Stone on the delicious "Party People." Heavy percussion & subtle electric guitar give a sinister feel on the snake-like "Too Many Tears," "Put on some red lipstick, just don't fake it." "Big Station" is an excellent set, one of Escovedo's strongest. Enjoy!


12vjoe said...

Thanks so much for this. I have most of Escovedo's albums, but am missing this one. Greatly appreciated.

Carlos Roas said...

Tank you very much!!!