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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Nomads - Sonically Speaking

The Nomads - Sonically Speaking
In WAV - Scans are included

Can't Keep My Mind Off You  
Primordial Ooze  
A Certain Girl  
The Goodbye Look  
Wasn't Born To Work  
Long Goodbye  
Come On  
Pair Of Deuces  
Party Till I Die

The band started out in Solna (a suburb of Stockholm) in January 1980 and that first early line-up featured Hans Östlund (guitar), Nick Vahlberg (bass, guitar & vocals) and Joakim Tärnström (guitar & bass). Hans and Nick were the members who would survive as original members all through the following incarnations.

On their first mini-LP "Where the Wolfbane Blooms" (Amigo -83) the band's spiritual guide and producer 4-Eyed Thomas (Ulf Lindqvist) managed to give them the sound they deserved though. A record that started a growing number of fans and reviewers all over the world to praise the fantastic Swedish garage band. Among the brilliant choice of covers, THE NOMADS also showed they could write excellent songs themselves. A classic record.

Tärnström soon left THE NOMADS to join THE SHOUTLESS (great band, also part of the same "Solna- scene") and Tony Carlsson replaced him as bass player 1981-85 (Tärnström would return in -85). 1984 Frank Minarik started playing organ and percussion in the group and they released their second mini-album, "Temptation Pays Double", another fine blast of sonic garage mayhem. THE NOMADS have always stayed true to their underground rock'n'roll roots - whatever they've done to develop their sound, if ever so little, you will never miss the NOMADS' trademarks; the raw and wild guitar genius of Hans Östlund and that voice of Nick Vahlberg (who always claimed he "can't sing" but still manages to sound like a pissed-off Rob Younger with a bad cold...and what could be better?).

The third album ("Outburst!") was a compilation of material from the two mini-LPs, released in England and the U.S. by What Goes On Records in -84. THE NOMADS was now steadily gaining a well-deserved reputation among serious rock'n'roll fans here and everywhere. More touring in Europe with a much improved live act helped as well. Between -85 and -87 THE NOMADS appeared on various compilations, bootlegs and seven inches. The cover of THE LYRES' until then unreleased song "She Pays the Rent" came out as a single and here you can hear THE NOMADS complete with a horn-section. That song were on the indie-top-chart in NME for a while in -85.

After the recording of "Hardware" (Amigo LP-87), Ed Johnson and Joakim Tärnström were replaced by Jocke Ericson (drums) and Björne Fröberg (bass). A few recordings were made as THE SCREAMING DISBÜSTERS ("we wanted to do a heavy metal single with a phony name, but as it turned out it just sounded like plain old NOMADS'- Jocke E.). One of them was the DICTATORS-cover "The Next Big Thing", released as a 7" with the Scottish fanzine by the same name.

THE NOMADS made two more records for Amigo ("All Wrecked Up", LP-89, and "Fire and Brimstone", 12"-89) and then signed for the Sonet label. "Sonically Speaking" was the first album released on Sonet and as it came out in -91 it showed THE NOMADS were still a force to count on. Actually they sounded as good as ever, this time produced by Chips K. (guitarist and singer in SATOR).


bosshoss said...

Many thanks! Great stuff. Do you have any ideas where to find DL of Outburst!
or the two mini-lp's? All the best, bosshoss

Anonymous said...

tres bon

bosshoss from lipstick killers ???

merci Mr RATBOY69

Mr D

bosshoss said...

Nah.... Swedish. Used to be in 80's garage-band Slobster, of no special fame.... "A Real Cool Time"-collection and "Raw Cuts"-dito. And a 7-inch where I only wrote a song, but didn't participate.