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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Acapulco Lips - Acapulco Lips

Acapulco Lips are an amazing psych/surf band hailing from Seattle, Washington and consisting of Maria-Elena Juarez - Bass/Vocals; Christopher Garland - Guitar/Vocals; Davy Berruyer - Drums. The Seattle trio just released their self titled debut album "Acapulco Lips" earlier this month on the freshly-minted Killroom Records

The band started out in 2012 and the trio is bound together by a studied adoration towards the loud, reckless, rebellious sonic traditions of psych, garage, soul, and surf rock. What comes out of these obsessions is the interpretation of the band’s favorite Sixties sounds, from transporting guitar jangles, assertively revved up percussion, boogie-friendly bass breakdowns, topped with disarmingly charming melodies. 

Just listen to my favorite track, "Tonight", and you too will  surrender to Maria's sugary voice and to the band's take on intemporel rock'n'roll.

Maria supplies the vox on top and the bass below, galvanizing their live performances with radiant, bubbling style and energy on stage. Guitar player Christopher delivers waves of surf solos distorted through a thick layer of fuzz. Davy brings his drumming to the front of your ears and the tips of your tapping toes, his approach steeped in classic rock ‘n’ roll stylings.

This is a brilliant debut record that is very strongly recommended. Purchase it Here

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