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Sunday, July 10, 2016

THE YUM YUM'S Sweet as candy

THE YUM YUM'S Sweet as candy cd 1998 1+2 records
In WAV - Scans are included

Crazy over you 
Right now  
Miss you , baby
Back to Rosie  
Out of luck  
Be my baby 
Never let you go
Be with me  
It's hard 
Baby I'm so lonely 
Rush hour  
Number one  
Always the last to know 

The Yum Yum's : Morten Henricksen : lead vocals & guitar / Stig Amundsen : bass & backing vocals / Thomas Dahl : drums & backing vocals / John Martinsen : guitar .
Let's consider the three minute pop-song for a second or two: so simple in its construction, so inscrutable in its perfection, so many who have tried and failed...For me The Yum Yums have been THE band to watch over the past couple of years, their perfect (yep, it's true) take on the "power-pop" thing a source of constant pleasure and amazement. Following on from their 45's on the Screaming Apple and Sneakers labels, comes this platter, so chock full of goodies that is difficult to take in one sitting. Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter Morten Henriksen has the rare ability to take the most banal and over-used pop ingredients - the word "baby", power chords and sunny harmonies - and fashion them into something fresh. The guy's a pop-alchemist of the first degree!In my humble opinion, there's only ever been a handful of perfect debut pop/punk albums over the past twenty years - the first Plimsouls, Real Kids, Damned, Ramones and Barracudas outings immediately springs to mind. This is another to add to that short list. Twelve tracks of pure perfection including fantastic covers of The Pointed Sticks "Out Of Luck" and unbelievably Jane Wiedlin's "Rush Hour" .... Kids... "this is rock'n'roll" at his best level !!! by J.Hutton -Bucketfull of brains.

Special thanks to Patrick for this power popping contribution

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DEE DEE said...

The Yum Yum's are perfect to finally start this summer! Thanks a lot