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Sunday, August 7, 2016

John Felice and the Lowdowns - nothing pretty

John Felice and the Lowdowns - nothing pretty  New rose CD  1988
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Don't Be Telling Me
2 Ain't We Having Fun
3 I'll Never Sing That Song Again
4 Not The One
5 Perfect Love
6 Nowadaze Kids
7 Nothing Pretty
8 Dreams
9 Don't Make Me Wait
10 Can't Play It Safe

Produced by Richard W. Harte.

John Felice & The Lowdowns: John Felice: guitar, vocal / Martin Paul Rowland : bass, vocal / Billy Borgioli : guitar, vocal / Pete Taylor : drums.

John Felice will always be best known as the beer-fueled, hot-wired frontman for Boston proto-punks the Real Kids, but that band's work didn't represent the full range of his musical abilities, and in 1987, with the Kids temporarily on the rocks, Felice offered fans another look at himself with his short-lived solo project, John Felice & the Lowdowns. With the Lowdowns, Felice wrote tough but thoughtful songs about broken hearts, busted lives, and the dark side of life in rock & roll, and he put ten of them on wax with the album Nothing Pretty. But for an album that dealt so strongly with lives gone wrong, it was sadly appropriate that the album died before it ever had a chance -- it was released by Ace of Hearts the same day their distributor went bankrupt, which prevented nearly the entire press run from ever reaching stores.


Anonymous said...

bon dimanche à vous

reedite en 2004
John Felice & The Lowdowns: Nothing Pretty
Norton Records CED-302

Gremlin said...

Fantastic thank you! Any Real Kids in future would be much appreciated "Better Be Good", "Grown Up Wrong", The Real Kids" 1977, "Outta Place", "Better Be Good". Great band.

I'm desperately looking for the 1st Phil Seymour album lossless. The Phil Seymour Archive Series Volume 1 2012 in particular, or Collectors' Choice 2005 , if at all possible. Thank you for this wonderful blog