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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gary Usher Greats Volume 1 KICKSTANDS VS THE KNIGHTS

Gary Usher Greats Volume 1 KICKSTANDS VS THE KNIGHTS
In WAV - Scans are included

  1. Death Valley Run - The Kickstands
  2. Hill Climb - The Kickstands
  3. Mean Streak - The Kickstands
  4. Side Car - The Kickstands
  5. Two Wheel Showstopper - The Kickstands
  6. Haulin' Honda - The Kickstands
  7. Devil On Wheels - The Kickstands
  8. Ridin' Trails - The Kickstands
  9. Slow Ride South - The Kickstands
  10. Johnny Take Care - The Kickstands
  11. Scrambler - The Kickstands
  12. Hot Rod High - The Knights
  13. Midnight Auto - The Knights
  14. Lonely Little Stocker - The Knights
  15. School Days - The Knights
  16. Three Wheeler - The Knights
  17. Be True To Your School - The Knights
  18. Hot Rod U.S.A. - The Knights
  19. I Get Around - The Knights
  20. Ditch Day - The Knights
  21. Rock Around The Clock - The Knights
  22. Theme For Teen Love - The Knights
  23. Skippin' School - The Knights

Surf and hot rod genius Gary Usher was a budget-minded fellow -- not unlike director Ed Wood -- who could take a bunch of L.A. studio hotshot ringers into Gold Star studios for an afternoon and cut an album under any number of fake names and come up with something that not only was genre faithful, but pretty fine listening, too. A right-hand man in early times to Brian Wilson, Usher had hits on the charts and cranked this stuff out like sausage. This debut outing of his Capitol cut-'em-quick, cut-'em-cheap LP output combines two of his finer efforts, Black Boots and Bikes by the Kickstands and Hot Rod High by the Knights. The actual lineup of players and singers on these two albums reads like a first-call list on a Phil Spector or Jan & Dean session (Jerry Cole, Hal Blaine, Leon Russell, etc.) and the sound and style is a perfect match for any Capitol hot rod/surf album from that time period.


Daddy Cool said...

Thanks for this plus Ronny & the GTOs and The Hondells - all are very much appreciated. Particularly pleased with this AVI offering - they were never easy to get hold of.

Keep up the good work

wcpaeb said...

Thanks for the WAV of this classic Gary Usher from the 60's