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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

VA - A Tribute To Nathaniel Mayer

VA - A Tribute To Nathaniel Mayer 
In Wav - Scans are included

1. Village Of Love (The Detroit Cobras - USA)
2. From Now On (The Teen' Axel Soul Arkestra - Fr)
3 . Leave Me Alone (The Other Guys - Fr)
4. I Had A Dream (The Booby Traps - Australia)
5. A Place I Know (The Sweet Things- Fr)
6. I Want Love & Affection (The Slow Slushy Boys - Fr)
7. Well I've Got News (The Fondas - USA)

1. Lover Please (The Sunday Sinners - Canada)
2. From Now On (The Space Heaters - Usa)
3. Mr Santa Claus (Los Membranas - Spain)
4. Hurting Love (Saddlebop - Fr)
5. Work It Out (The Buttshakers - Fr)
6. Where Will You Be (The Black Aces - Canada)
7. Going Back To The Village Of Love (Benny Gordini - Fr)

Don't miss this out! Amazing and seriously out of print compilation on Larsen Records. This was handed over to me a couple of years ago by Patrick, so all the credit goes to him!


Anonymous said...

cool man - thanx 4 the quick re-up !!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Ratboy! I love The Detroit Cobras!

Psychfan said...

Thanks very much!