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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Matthew Melton - "Outside of Paradise"

Austin,Texas based Matthew Melton is best known as the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter of Bare Wires and, currently, Warm Soda. He also started his very own independent record label and recording studio "Fuzz City" where Melton is noted to have recorded and produced the majority of his music.

"Outside of Paradise" is his second solo album released on Southpaw Records and much like his first solo effort ("Still Misunderstood", 2010) this album was recorded over an extended period of time from 2007–2014 collecting material that never made the cut in his other projects.

Despite the long time span over which the album was recorded, it is quite hard to tell which track was recorded when and Matthew delivers a fine collection of power-pop gems "Are You Taking Her Home?","Painted Sign" "Images On The Sand" or "Promise It to Me", smooth punk jams and heavy psych hitters like “Glass Diamond Green Roses” or "Magic Spiral".

Like everything Matthew Melton has ever done, this is very addictive and you will surprise yourself humming one of these tracks in your bathroom early in the morning, and that, my friends, is the trademark of a real genius and his ability to craft ultra catchy songs.


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D'artagnan said...

where the heck did he get a left handed Ovation Deacon Breadwinner?