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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

V.A. - A Tribute To Shoes - Shoe Fetish

V.A. - A Tribute To Shoes - Shoe Fetish
In FLAC - Scans are included

  1. Too Late - DM3
  2. Karen - Matthew Sweet
  3. The Tube - Astropuppees
  4. Turnaround - Bobby Sutliff
  5. She Satisfies - Doug Powell
  6. Cruel You - Sparkle* Jets U.K.
  7. Found A Girl - Cloud Eleven
  8. I Can't Go Wrong - The Lolas
  9. Your Very Eyes - Jeffrey Foskett
  10. Curiosity - The Spongetones
  11. Hangin' Around With You - The Shazam
  12. Love Is Like A Bullet - Michael Carpenter
  13. I Miss You - Al Chan
  14. Your Imagination - The Masticators
  15. I Don't Know Why - Shane Faubert
  16. Tomorrow Night - Big Hello
  17. Only In My Sleep - Don Dixon/Marti Jones
  18. If All I Had Was You - Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings
  19. Okay - LMNOP
  20. When Push Comes To Shove - Matt Bruno
  21. The Things You Do - Chewy Marble
  22. Never Had It Better - The Tearaways

Strangely, the performances with female vocalists seem to work particularly well, so the Astropuppies "The Tube", The Masticators "Your Imagination" and Big Hello's "Tomorrow Night" all sound great, somehow the change to a feminine perspective definitely gives the songs a new edge. The better known performers, DM3, Matthew Sweet, The Shazam and Walter Clevenger, lend their distinctive voices to the songs but do not stray far from the originals. Particularly noteworthy attempts come from Sparklejets UK with a punchy "Cruel You", Doug Powell fairly rips through "She Satisfies" dropping in a successful but very un-Shoes-like guitar outburst, Michael Carpenter has some fun with a lively "Love Is Like A Bullet", and Don Dixon and Marti Jones perform a beautifully sensitive "Only In My Sleep".


lmelis said...

Many thanks for posting it.

El Greco said...

Great thanks for posting this...any chance of some stuff by the band that made it all possible....SHOES?!

robgronotte said...

Would love a repost of this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would it be possible to re-up this? Thanks!