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Sunday, February 28, 2016

VA - I Wanna Be A Real Kid (tribute to the REAL KIDS)

VA - I Wanna Be A Real Kid (tribute to the REAL KIDS)
In WAV - Scans are included

1 –Jack And The Beanstalk No Place Fast
2 –The Hate Bombs Solid Gold
3 –Popnauts Better Be Good
4 –Psychotic Youth All Kindsa Girls
5 –Rosehips (R.I.P) Common At Noon
6 –Hunchbacks Bad To Worse
7 –Jim Basnight Thing Just Like Darts
8 –Vancouvers She's Alright
9 –Basement Brats Taxi Boy
10 –Heartbeats Can't Talk To That Girl
11 –Slow Slushy Boys Do The Boob
12 –Honey Jet My Baby's Book
13 –Finkers Outta Place
14 –Berserk Twins She
15 –Campus Tramps Hot Bob
16 –The Cheeks Right When It's Right
17 –The Stonemasons Now You Know
18 –The Breadmakers Roberta

A Tribute to the Real Kids,  Legendary Boston Band that Played No Frills Rock N Roll and Power Pop. This Australian Only Compilation is featuring Bands from around the Globe Performing their Favorite Real Kids Tracks.

I got this a couple of years ago from the late Patrick of SOTD, so all the credit goes to him.

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