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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jetbone - ”Magical Ride”

Jetbone is a rock and roll band from Sundsvall, Sweden consisting of Gurten Sjödin - Vocals, Bass | Alin Riabouchkin - Vocals, Guitar | Sebastian Engberg - Guitar | Tobias Bengtsson - Organ/Piano | Albin Linder - Drums

Their sophomore full length, ”Magical Ride”, mastered by Kevin Nix of classic Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, has been released a couple of months ago by Rootsy Records on CD and also (very recently) on vinyl . 

On the new record Jetbone cleverly alternates early seventies rockers with horns à la Sticky Fingers-era Rolling Stones or The Faces ("C'mon", "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love", "Working Hard for Your Money", "Fifth Time Loser") with slower numbers like "Rosalie" or "Woman". The swagger of some tracks also brings to mind the Black Crowes or their fellow compatriots the Diamond Dogs.

According to what i've read, this album was actually recorded three times in the the past two and and a half years. First with a lead singer that quit the band, then with Alin Riabouchkin and Gustav Sjödin trying to sing as the previous singer and then finally with the new singers doing their own thing. The result is a brilliant album full of fantastic songs. A must buy.

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