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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The International Swingers

The International Swingers  (2015) 
In Flac - Scans are included

2 Gun Control
3 Fool`s Holiday
4 Sweet, Sweet Love
5 Honey`s Room
6 Live Wire
7 Black Leather Jacket
8 You Turned My Head
9 On Something
10 Out Of Control
11 Running Man
12 Whatever Works Now

The International Swingers is a rock group based in Los Angeles. Formed in late 2011, the band is composed of Clem Burke (drums), Glen Matlock (bass/vocals), James Stevenson (lead guitar/vocals) and Gary Twinn (lead vocals/guitar).

Each member first came to the public's attention as a member of another band (Clem Burke in Blondie, Glen Matlock in the Sex Pistols, James Stevenson in Chelsea, Generation X and Gene Loves Jezebel, Gary Twinn in Supernaut and Twenty Flight Rockers)

Thanx to JPaul for this rocking contribution


Doug said...

Already have this album.Recommended.

KD said...

Thank You
Never heard them.
Looking forward to.