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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Phil Seymour - Archives Series Vol 2

Phil Seymour - Archives Series Vol 2 (reupped by request)
In WAV - covers are included

1. Love Receiver
2. Don't Let Daddy Find Out  
3. Dancing a Dream 
4. Surrender  
5. Talk to Me  
6. You Give Good Love  
7. Suffering 
8. Better to Me Than You
9. Tear Up the Night  
10. Now  
11. Maybe It Was Memphis  
12. Don't Tell Me That You Love Me
13. She Left Today  
14. Chemistry  
15. Teaching Me  
16. Telephone Line  
17. It's a Shame 
18. Just Let Her Know 
19. Gotta Get That Feeling Back

Phil Seymour's first album charted well and spawned the hits "Precious to Me" and "Let Her Dance." "2" never charted, but contains songs that are as good as the ones on the first album. "Love Receiver," "Surrender," "Better to Me Than You" and "Talk to Me" could have been hits, if his record company hadn't given up promoting him. Ten bonus tracks make you realize how much more Seymour had to give. Sadly, he died of cancer in 1993 at 41 years old.

Special thanx to  JPaul for this brilliant contribution!


Jacobo said...

Many thanks for re-up, Ratboy!!!!

Woody said...

Very very good. Thankx a lot.

Woody said...

Thankx a lot. Very very good.

Anonymous said...

Million thanks. been looking for this for some time!

D said... there a Vol. 1?