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Friday, October 14, 2016

Bo Diddley - 1970 - The Black Gladiator

Bo Diddley - 1970 - The Black Gladiator
In Flac - Scans are included

A1 Elephant Man 4:28
A2 You, Bo Diddley 3:30
A3 Black Soul 2:47
A4 Power House 2:50
A5 If The Bible's Right 3:08
B1 I've Got A Feeling 2:46
B2 Shut Up, Woman 3:40
B3 Hot Buttered Blues 3:44
B4 Funky Fly 2:55
B5 I Don't Like You 3:10

"Black Gladiator" is a great compilation of dynamic music from Bo's funky later work. The beats in several cuts, most notably "I Don't Like You", "The Funky Fly" and "I've Got a Feeling" are among the best he ever created. Bo's guitar playing on "I've Got a Feeling" is what Chuck Berry must have been talking about when he said that Johnny B. Goode could play a guitar "just like ringing a bell". Great album which anyone interested in rhythm and guitar should have.

Thanx to JPaul for providing the goodies.


Woody said...

Many thankx friends for antoher great post!!!

fret said...

thanks, from argentina. good work

tugabuga said...

Thanks! Great stuff.