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Sunday, October 2, 2016

NEW The Role Models - Forest Lawn released on GLUNK RECORDS

The second album from the London-based four-piece, confirms that these folks are good bad, not evil. Playing snappy powerpop in a 77 spirit with hooks galore, chiming guitars, and solid harmonies, Forest Lawn is also stocked with fine original songs like the energetic "Radio", "Goodbye And Hooray" or "Got no time".

Rich's slightly sandy growl fits the material well and he knows how to put the right emotions into his delivery, and with Nick Hugues he's half of a very impressive guitar combination. Bassist Daniel Husayn and drummer Simon Maxwell keep the band alive with drive, and these 12 tunes zoom by in less than 38 minutes. Fans of punk-oriented garage stuff that isn't afraid to fly the flag for pure pop at the same time, then Forest Lawn is just the record you've been needing.

Here is RAGS describing in his own words everything you ever wanted to know about the brilliant ROLE MODELS but were afraid to ask: his life in Canada, the release of the first full length, the new band members, the new record and the meaning of its title:

"Well hello again! It was a year ago since we last spoke. And if you're new, I'll just reiterate what I said last time. 

The life before this one
I am originally from Canada and have lived and played music in Calgary, Toronto, New York City and London. How I eventually washed up on these shores was your typical series of close calls resulting in Zane Lowe of Radio One championing my New York band's single. And us touring this wonderful island.
All that, of course, led to the band falling apart. Yay. But it DID bring me here to the UK and I was soon writing and making music with some truly wonderful people. I started the Role Models. We released an ep on TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS out of Germany and toured there, playing with Leatherface and Sonny Vincent. Released a single, “THIS EVENTUALLY LEADS NOWHERE” that paid for an entire summer of safe play days for families with autistic children (no bullying!) in North London. Another ep “LOST IN THE CITY” was put out into the world. Reviews were wonderful and it made UK top 10 lists (UBER ROCK AWARDS LIST's EP OF THE YEAR, TBFM’s TOP 50 Punk Tunes of 2013). That brought some nice people around supporting us. Some members came and went. 

The album before this one
Then it was time. Time for a full length album. It turned into “THE GO-TO GUY” and was put out this time last year on GLUNK RECORDS. It changed things in a great way for us.
With the release of the TGTG, came glowing reviews and appreciated support from all over the underground world. As well as some more accolades we are proud of. UBER ROCK'S number 5 album of the year, as well as making the lists for gig of the year for our album release. We were nominated for PURE RAWK AWARDS band of the year, front person of the year, axe hero of the year and album of the year. Had a sold out album release with Steve Conte. Ginger Wildheart took a shine and gave us some very cool opening slots for his Hey! Hello! and solo bands. He even joined us on stage for a tune.Let's just say it was a great year!We didn't wanna stop to rest.

New band members, new music
I had an album's worth of material ready to go. The band, consisting of new guy Nick Hughes (Yo Yo's) and mainstay go-to guys Daniel Husayn (Thee Spivs, Red Dons), Simon Maxwell (Loyalties, Yo Yo's), were well primed to start the process of whipping the songs into shape. Very proud to play with these guys. How do we record it? That brings us to Pledge. That was a great way to do it! Straight to fans. And within just over a week we nailed it thanks to great support from those awesome people out there.

The supporting cast
So we got back to work again with close pal and decorated producer, Andy Brook (Ginger Wildheart, Towers Of London, Status Quo). Called up some friends to join us on a few numbers. Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe, New York Dolls), Steve Conte (New York Dolls, Michael Monroe), Dave Kerr (Cherrykicks, Sorry And The Sinatras). And even one of my favourite singers since I was a kid, Chris Barry (222?s, 39 Steps, Pillbox), sings Michael Monroe and me and Si's old bandmate in The Loyalties). He is all over this, too.

Where/What the hell is Forest Lawn?
Well, that brings us to today and what you're about to listen to. “Forest Lawn”. Named after where I grew up. A colourful neighbourhood on the “wrong side” of the tracks. Filled with refugees like my parents and immigrants from all over. I couldn't think of a better place to grow up and discover Rock ?n' Roll. As a writer and musician, I’ve been influenced as the band has by power pop bands such as Plimsouls, punk like Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers, whatever you wanna call The Replacements and Wildhearts and that other Heartbreaker, Tom Petty. They all show up for a quick one. Still, there's a feeling I wanted to capture. Those butterflies of “what's next?” that began with those first records and guitar still won't settle down. I feel I am just starting again. Again.That feeling of saying goodbye while saying hello. Not being sure if you've done either properly. Dreaming while doing. And making some peace with that past. I wrote some songs about it.My dad used to give me advice over rum and cokes from the garage in Forest Lawn. “Richie. You are not trapped. You are a citizen of the world. Just don't be stupid.” I'll try not to!

Also these songs are pretty good to have a few drinks to. We hope ya like ?em."

Purchase it here :

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musicyoucan said...

Thanks for the info.
I ordered on the site, the two items "Forest lawn" and the previous one "The Go-To Guy".
As usual with your recommendations, I'm pretty sure it is a good choice.
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