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Saturday, October 22, 2016

SEVEN LONG YEARS - Love Me Now And Hate Me Later

The amazing SEVEN LONG YEARS just released their long awaited new digital full length. 

The vintage sounds of SEVEN LONG YEARS combine amazing fuzz work, brilliant songwriting and harmonies with the atmosphere of west coast psychedelic bands.

"Can the Martians read our minds?" is a psychedelic garage gem reminiscent of the 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS while "Give her time" and "The Last of the Flower Children" are soon to be classic uptempo tracks. 

This time around you can even hear traces of some surf sounds on a creepy instrumental ("Operazione Vendetta") reminisced of the Ennio Morricone or the Ventures heydays.

A great production job, eerie vocal melodies, reverb drenched guitar solos and a combined mysterious obsession for everything that's evil and for Raquel Welch. 

Why this band hasn't been signed on SOUNDFLAT Records is totally beyond my understanding. The title track "Love Me Now And Hate Me Later" is already a favorite of mine and it should be yours too! 

Make yourself a favor: Go over to bandcamp and buy this splendid masterpiece of garage maelstrom.The bandcamp release contains the front and the back covers.

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