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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Baby Woodrose - Freedom

Baby Woodrose - Freedom
In Flac - Scans are included

1.Reality 05:27
2.21st Century Slave 03:32
3.Open Doors 03:07
4.Mind Control Machine 04:52
5.Peace 02:26
6.Freedom 03:07
7.Red The Signpost 02:57
8.Mantra 03:16
9.Termination 08:27

Baby Woodrose is an iconic band on the Danish psych scene who released its debut album "Blows Your Mind" back in 2001. Long before psychedelic music had a revival, frontman Lorenzo Woodrose and his band came up with their own mix of psych, garage and stoner rock which they have refined during the years.

Freedom is the 7th album by Baby Woodrose and is released more than four years after the previous album Third Eye Surgery came out in 2012.

All Baby Woodrose albums have a different vibe and this time there has been an analogue approach to recording the nine songs. The whole album is recorded and mixed on tape, giving it a very live-in-the-studio type of feeling. This means no cut and paste and a minimal amount of overdubs!

Special thanx to Imelis for provinding the psychedelic goods!


Phil G said...

Thanks so much for this and Black Gladiator, great stuff!

DEE DEE said...

Great Post! Thanks a lot.