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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mark Pountney - Mark II

Liverpudlian Mark Pountney's sophomore album, the aptly titled "Mark II" released earlier this year, is a splendid collection of various tunes with an amazing 60's vibe. On this record, Mark managed to capture the spirit and the sound of the sixties like no one else. 

Here is what Mark told yours truly about this record : "My first band was called the Yarbles (a reference from the film A Clockwork Orange) this later changed to the Marbles. The line up included Edgar Summertyme on bass (The Stairs, Paul Weller, St Etienne) and, for a short time, Russell Pritchard  (The Zutons and now with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds). 

The songs I wrote and performed, at that time, now appear on "Mark II". Studio time was expensive back then so we only cut a few demos. I thought the songs still had some mileage so began re-recording them last year. I'm not with a band at the moment so I played all of the instruments myself and also took care of the recording and production. 

So "Mark II" was like taking care of unfinished business. It helped me improve my musicianship and technical skills.The album covers for "Mark I" and "Mark II" were designed by my Dad, Derrick."

As far as plans for the future are concerned Mark adds: "The last couple of years have been important - particularly in terms of recording.  I hope to put an album out each year. I'm half way through "Mark III". This will be a blend of the Powerpop and the Americana styles and will bring things more up to date. I have around 200 songs and there are still a few from the early days that I'd like to revisit."

The CD is on heavy rotation here at the Rat house and it seems I just can't get enough of this Beatle-esque pop. So there is only one advice I can give to all the viewers of this blog: go and buy this brilliant record!

Purchase it here:

Mark's facebook page:

The video of the opening track "Tell me why":

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