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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blue Ash - Hearts and Arrows 2LP + 7”

You Are The Cosmos Records will be releasing on september the 21st this two-disc, VINYL-ONLY compilation that brings together the cream of Blue Ash's extensive recordings. 

Features 24 tracks, including "Baby I Just Want You" and "Smash My Guitar."  Comes with a bonus 4-track acoustic 7".  And, in case you’re wondering, a lot of the tracks are from the long out of print Not Lame's "Around Again" collection, except that "Elementary Dr. Watson", "It Don't Bother Me", "If I Were Ever Minus You", "Everywhere i Go", "A Million Miles Away", “Make Sure You Give It Back", and "Instantly I Knew I Loved You" have never been released anywhere. 

None of these recordings has ever been on vinyl and "Smash My Guitar" is different version from the” No More No Less” recording.


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