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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Cush - ‘Transcendental Heat Wave’

The Texan husband and wife duo of Burette and Gabrielle Douglas (aided by Josh Daugherty & Todd Harwell) are the creative core and identity of The Cush, formed in Dallas, TX in 2000. 

They have returned with their 4th LP, "Transcendental Heatwave" (Follyphone Records), an album that takes the listeners on a cosmic journey to 90’s shoegaze (the opening track "Heavy Psych" could have been featured on any of My Bloody Valentine's records) and beyond (the brilliantly hypnotic "Broken radio").

The signature sound of this Lone Star State band is made of vintage tape delays, twang, reverb, Fuzzy guitars and ethereal female/male vocals.

Favorite tracks : "Broken Radio", "Phantom Girl" and "Summer's Gone

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