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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Barreracudas - Can Do Easy

Oops Baby Records from Brooklyn, New York, recently released “Can Do Easy”, the sophomore effort and long-awaited follow up LP to The Barreracudas critically acclaimed debut LP "Nocturnal Missions" (2011)

Atlanta's quintet which includes members hailing from Gentleman Jesse and His Men, Beat, Beat Beat and The Hiss, delivers a fantastic old school super hooky power pop blend , that brings to mind all the great seventies poppers like Cheap Trick, the Shoes, the Raspberries, the Dwight Twilley band and also the dirty glamers like Sweet or Slade.

The 12 tracks on this record clock under 31 minutes but all the songs here are catchy as hell and they prove to be a lesson in songwriting that should benefit to all of the glampoppers wanna-bes around the world who cannot write half a good song!  

The record features a revamped version of last year’s “Promises” single, which got much airplay through the fine folks at WFMU – rising to #1 on the WFMU charts - and beyond. 

The guitars on this record have just the right crunch and the loud and punky production totally fits these perfect power pop songs! Can Do Easy” is the most fun album of the year, from the foot-stomping opener of “The Jerk” to the humorous howl of “Shampoo” to the heartbreaking melodies of “Dreaming”… these are soon to be classic rock ‘n’ roll songs!

"Good job on that one, jerk!"

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