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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Mandates - "In The Back Of Your Heart" LP

The Mandates is a fabulous Calgary based rock'n'roll outfit including BRADY: guitar, vocals/ MATT: guitar, vocals /JIMMY - bass /WARREN - drums. 

Fast rhythms and sweet melodies is what defines the electrified pop/punk/glam of the quartet that has come up with its Sophomore full length effort, "In The Back Of Your Heart" a while ago on TAKEN BY SURPRISE records. 

On their new album, The Mandates blast through 11 new tracks of fresh-sounding, exhuberant rock and roll that sounds like it's being played for the fun of it. 

From the first chords of the opening track "Something Wrong" till the last notes of "I got my eyes (in the back of your mind)" it is obvious that the endlessly gigging has made the band tighter than ever and The Mandates have become an unstoppable rock and roll machine churning out an impressive collection of instant hits that will appeal to every fan of The Exploding Hearts, The Dead Boys, The Ramones or The Boys!

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