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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Last Killers - Dangerous

Since the demise of The Jim Jones Revue, the best thing in rock'n'roll has come from Cesena, Italy, and is called The Last Killers! The quartet (MATTEO ESPANADA - vox & guitars;
DANI BAJO - vox & bass; THE MAN - keyboards, percussions & vox; Mr. PINNA - drums, percussions) has recently released its latest full length intitled "Dangerous" and this is exactly what it is all about: Danger is something rock'n'roll is cruelly missing these days! Nowadays all the bands want to play it safe. But not the Last Killers. They exhale danger and they have a killer fuzz sound just about to blow your brains out.

Here you have it all rolled in one: Little Richard ("Oh my Soul"), The Sonics ("She's got it") , The Stooges, The MC5 ("Revolution now"). But don't get me wrong, The last Killers are not about revival! It's obvious they take their influences from the 50's or the 60's but they come up with a very fresh and today sound .

Over the last couple of years, the band has been touring Europe several times : Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and the United Kingdom, mostly in the r'n'r underground club circuit but also at main festivals such as Cosmic Trip, Festival beat, Drakula fest, and so on. They also opened for bands such as Thee Oh Sees, The Fleshtones, Lords of Altamont, Cynics or The Fuzztones....

This is an absolute MUST BUY for every rock'n'roll music fan!

Purchase it here:

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