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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pretty Lightning - A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain

From Saarbrücken, Germany, comes Pretty Lightning, a band consisting of Sebastian Haas and Christian Berghoff. The duo has recently released their sophomore album,  A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain, via Cardinal Fuzz and Sound Effect Records.

Except, maybe, for the closing track "Graveyard Howls", forget about the delta blues of their debut album, There are witches in the woods. This time, the duo has embraced the cosmic sounds inherited from the 70's krautrock bands. As if they were finally a peace with their German legacy. 

This new record is psychedelic to the bone and it will melt your brain like some magical mushrooms. The Eerie vocals drenched in reverb are inducing strange atmospheres and unusual colours.  A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain is what the title of this record promises, and it delivers and then some. Just close your eyes and let Pretty Lightning take you on a trip to the inner you. 

Purchase it here:

Watch their amazingly insane video of "Marble Moon", one of the many outstanding tracks from their latest album.

And here is the brand new one of "Good Old Liar"

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