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Friday, July 24, 2015

Scandinavian Friends - A tribute to Roky Erickson

Scandinavian Friends - A tribute to Roky Erickson
In WAV - Scans are included

01: Reverberation (doubt) - The Cheaters
02: Sweet Honey Pie - Witchcraft
03: I Don’t Ever Want To Come Down - Baby Woodrose
04: Stand For The Fire Demon - The Rokys
05: Cold Night For Alligators - The Hellacopters
06: You’re Gonna Miss Me - Los Plantronics
07: Bloody Hammer - The Mainliners
08: Sputnik - Grand Café 
09: I Have Always Been Here Before - On Trial
10: Crazy Crazy Mama - Backstreet Girls
11: Two Headed Dog - Thee Mono Sapiens
12: Cold Night For Alligators - We
13: White Faces - The Sacred Sailors
14: Slip Inside This House - Madrugada
15: I Walked With A Zombie - Neperud

This release contains scandinavian acts doing theire favourite song. Outstanding tracks : "Reverberation" by The Cheaters, "Cold Night for alligators " by The Hellacopters, "Bloody hammer" by the Mainliners and Madrugada performing "Slip Inside This House"


DEE DEE said...

It sounds great, Thanks a lot ! (and also for your previous fantastic 'scandinavian' post: The Vikings.

Anonymous said...

White Faces - The Sacred Sailors


lmelis said...

Many, many thanks for posting.

Southamerican Rocker said...

Thank You Amigo!