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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Reno based SLOVENLY RECORDS recently released the sophomore full length effort of the Dirty Fences a bunch of wild weirdos from New York City.

One track on this record is named "Endless Party" and this is exactly what it's all about here : a great rock n roll album to have a fun time with. 

I personnally prefer the sing-along power punk side of the Dirty Fences. When the band is churning out muted driving guitars and ultra catchy chorus the Dirty Fences are not too far away from the likes of Matthew Melton and Warm Soda, which is perfect in my book. Check out for example "Judy (Don't Go)" and its funny tribute video to girlgroups like the Shangri-Las, "Give Me A Kiss" or the previously mentioned "Endless Party". 

For for those of you who prefer some heavy kick ass action, go to "Heartbeater" or the album's title tune and "High School RIP" that bring to mind the classic 70's Alice Cooper. A killer and brilliant album for the summer that i totally recommand!

Order it here (on LP, CD or Cassette):

These crazy guys will tour the USA this summer, check them out live: 

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